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class clown

A mischievous or impudent student who frequently disrupts the class with jokes, pranks, or wry comments as a means of drawing attention to him- or herself. Every teacher has to deal with class clowns eventually.
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clown around (with someone)

Fig. to join with someone in acting silly; [for two or more people] to act silly together. The boys were clowning around with each other. The kids are having fun clowning around.
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n. a fool. Tell that clown in the front row to shut up.

clown around

in. to act silly; to mess around. We were just clowning around. We didn’t mean to break anything.
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3) Wearing white masks, black characters act out a clownish exchange to the delight of a white audience.
Central to this improvised dramatic style were a set of stock characters, or "masks," the use of clownish tricks, and a complex combination of serious and farcical elements.
The clownish Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority has come and gone.
Even a viewer who doesn't speak a word of Spanish can identify with the hero, the villain, the earthly mother, the loving father, the bitch, the wayward daughter, the meddlesome aunt, the scheming uncle, the headstrong son, the hero's clownish buddy and the fragile innocent woman.
She was assistant secretary of education in Jimmy Carter's HEW and is a member of the Civil Rights Commission, where she has led smart and merciless attacks against the clownish chairman, Clarence Pendleton.
They see 6 of the 17 known penguin species, all from the Southern hemisphere--from aristocratic-looking but shy emperors that grow to 3-1/2 feet and weigh nearly 90 pounds, to clownish macaroni and rockhopper penguins whose long, orange crests look like eyebrows grown wild.
What then ensues is a rollercoaster of intrigue, love and comedy involving a beautiful young woman named Isabelle, her jealous suitor Adraste, Lyse the sly maid, Matamore a clownish braggart, love triangles, murder, magic and dead bunnies all climaxing in an amazing twist which leaves us asking "what is illusion and what is reality?
Often crucially at the centre of the action, he caught the clumsy, clownish aspect of the character but also offered subtle hints of a more serious and frail personality.
That buffoonish behaviour, the clownish exuberance masks a hard right idealogue of unlimited ambition.
He was clownish, self-opinionated and arrogant whereas Clare Balding is charming and really knows what she is talking about.
The plot is muddled and further confused by a mad assortment of laid-back country folk and comic characters including, old favourite, the clownish Touchstone (Nicolas Tennant, whose unspoken boredom is hilarious to watch as he endures the silent company of a shepherd).
Dalati belts out a clownish version of Mohamad Fawzi's "Zahaba al-Laylou," one that's been arranged for an amusing call-and-return delivery between Sufi and barstool flappers.
Colin Baker The sixth Doctor 1984-86 Colin Baker and co-stars form a chorus line Despite the curly blond mop and clownish coat, the sixth Doctor Who was an altogether angrier and occasionally violent character.
For more information contact Beth McKechnie on 01789 299575 | BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, Friday March 15 at 7pm and Saturday March 16 at 2pm Children aged seven and above can enjoy an hour of fast, clownish slapstick comedy.
Daniel Belcher was a sonorous and deftly clownish Taddeo, and HG0 Studio member Lauren Snouffer piped prettily as Elvira.