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class clown

A mischievous or impudent student who frequently disrupts the class with jokes, pranks, or wry comments as a means of drawing attention to him- or herself. Every teacher has to deal with class clowns eventually.
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clown around (with someone)

Fig. to join with someone in acting silly; [for two or more people] to act silly together. The boys were clowning around with each other. The kids are having fun clowning around.
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n. a fool. Tell that clown in the front row to shut up.

clown around

in. to act silly; to mess around. We were just clowning around. We didn’t mean to break anything.
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Featherstone recalls that put her on her path to clowning around for a living.
Hornback's book offers much new insight into the complex religious and political functionalities of clowning in early modern England.
Adams and a group of thirty to forty volunteers made annual clowning trips to Russia.
Although the CIT students are beginners in the art of clowning, the evening was an absolute delight.
During the course of this daylong beginning class in clowning, Lyvonne obviously is in her element.
Instead of fearing the beginning of the workweek, the students in Mary Chevers' clown class at Carteret Community College see Monday as the perfect time for a little clowning around.
The college provided an overview of clowning skills, including costuming, clown character development, comic interaction, and acrobatic falls, slaps, and flips.
Have students look for images of clowns from other cultures, and develop a cross-cultural comparison of clowning.
Just Clowning Around Bring the whole family for face painting, and clown entertainment.
Tony Eldridge, secretary of clowns International, said: "The clowning profession can do without stupid people who don't understand the profession and appreciate it is a performing art and not a spontaneous jolly jape.
Though the Clowns do walk in the Christmas Parade, the highlight is spending time clowning around with amazing children that are battling life-threatening illnesses, and deserve all the laughs the Clown Corps can give them.
Clowning around: The clowns of Zippo's Circus are ready to welcome you and your family.
Now he's planning a protest alongside his clowning colleagues to make their voices heard.
THERE was a lot of clowning around at the National Garden Festival when a cavalcade of funny-faced people made the spring bank holiday one to remember, says this Chronicle archive picture story from May 1990.