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four-leaf clover

1. Literally, a clover with four leaves instead of the usual three, traditionally thought to be a good-luck charm due to its rarity. You found a four-leaf clover and you saw a shooting star? Wow, you must be really lucky today!
2. By extension, any person or thing that is considered a bringer of good fortune. The new kicker has been something of a four-leaf clover for the team, as they've won every game since he signed with them.
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be in clover

To live without financial stress. If only I could win the lottery, then I would be in clover, instead of working three jobs to pay my bills.
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in clover

Fig. having good fortune; in a very good situation, especially financially. If I get this contract, I'll be in clover for the rest of my life. I have very little money saved, so when I retire I won't exactly be in clover.
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in clover

Prosperous, living well. For example, After we make our first million, we'll be in clover. This expression alludes to cattle happily feeding on clover. Slightly different versions are like pigs in clover and rolling in clover. [c. 1700]
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like pigs in clover

Extremely contentedly, as in They had a handsome pension and lived like pigs in clover. This expression alludes to pigs being allowed to eat as much clover, a favorite food, as they wish. It appeared in the Boston Gazette of January 7, 1813: "Canadians! then in droves come over, And live henceforth like pigs in clover." [Early 1800s]
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in clover

If you are in clover, you are happy or secure because you have a lot of money or are enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. Developers and bankers were in clover until Congress abruptly changed the rules again. For the next ten days I was in clover at Vicky's house. She took me to all the town's best restaurants and clubs. Note: Clover is a plant which often grows in fields of grass. Cows are said to enjoy grazing in fields which contain a lot of clover.
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in clover

in ease and luxury.
This sense of the phrase is a reference to clover's being particularly attractive to livestock, as in the expression happy as a pig in clover .
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in ˈclover

(informal) in comfort or luxury: Since winning the lottery, they’ve been living in clover.
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in clover

Living a carefree life of ease, comfort, or prosperity.
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