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World Discovery Deluxe offers full-color topographical maps including the famous cloudless satellite view by Tom Von Sant and the Geosphere project, as well as global satellite night view maps.
And suddenly a huge sun appeared in a cloudless blue sky - and where the Mersey had been, there was a vast tract of dry cracked land.
If it is possible to illuminate further a balmy, cloudless afternoon in the Forest of Dean then, for the first 50 minutes, Stourbridge and Ben Harvey achieved it with apparent ease.
The red cladding of the university's Business School which opened two years ago looks sharp, vibrant and strikingly contemporary against the cloudless blue sky.
A stunning image from Nasa's Modis satellite shows a cloudless Ireland with temperatures up to 11C hotter than usual 10C March peaks.
ON A cold, cloudless night in early 1941, our house, 10 Duffryn Street, in Adamsdown, Cardiff, was hit by two incendiary bombs, one of which failed to explode due to freak circumstances, the other smashing through the slates and detonating on top of the front, outside wall.
It was on flights to Europe that he started taking more notice of sources of industrial pollution and began incorporating the effects into his paintings: "On one flight, I noticed what looked like fluffy white clouds in an otherwise cloudless sky.
LAST weekend Kenilworth was bathed in glorious sunshine and the Abbey Fields hosted events under blue cloudless skies.
Far above up in the blue more than five miles high A tiny jet draws a straight white line across the cloudless sky
Look down from cloudless skies For we today wear the poppy red And remember and give thanks To our Glorious dead
WASHED-OUT Brits are set to enjoy a respite from the miserable summer with sunshine and cloudless skies expected for the bank holiday weekend.
The Met Office forecast for West Yorkshire suggests better weather later this afternoon after more rain and a fine, if not entirely cloudless, day tomorrow.
The skies may be cloudless but in Port Talbot it has been raining glitter.
A string of gently surreal vignettes, Cloudless reveals a sexy imagination and a bemusement about human connection.
A magnificent cloudless sky proved slightly deceiving as storms from the previous weekend had stirred up the swells (that's ocean-speak for waves) to a boat bouncing at capacity (more on that in a moment).