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At this speech of Aramis, the brow of Athos became clouded and he bit his lips.
He had frequently called for capital punishment on criminals, and owing to his irresistible eloquence they had been condemned, and yet the slightest shadow of remorse had never clouded Villefort's brow, because they were guilty; at least, he believed so; but here was an innocent man whose happiness he had destroyed: in this case he was not the judge, but the executioner.
than, beneath a clouded sky, they had ever desired a glimpse of heaven.
Awful and threatening scowls darken the face of the West Wind in his clouded, south-west mood; and from the King's throne-hall in the western board stronger gusts reach you, like the fierce shouts of raving fury to which only the gloomy grandeur of the scene imparts a saving dignity.
All of soul- inspiriting fled with sleep, and dark melancholy clouded every thought.
The black-and-white nature of his evidence is particularly striking because conflicting models have clouded the connection between pollution and rain, Rosenfeld says.
The windows through which they view the cosmos are often clouded by dust.