close a/the sale

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close a/the sale

To reach an agreement with a buyer; to finalize a sale by persuading the interested party to complete the purchase. We need to move in a month, so how quickly can you close a sale? Obviously, we're looking for salespeople who can consistently close the sale.
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close a sale

 and close the sale
to complete the sale of something; to seal a bargain in the sale of something. The salesman closed the sale and the customer drove off in a brand new car.
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close the sale

Also, close the deal; close on a sale or deal . Complete a transaction, as in Jack was delighted to close the sale. This term applies to such transactions as the sale of a house, also put as closing on a house, as well as negotiations leading up to a sale. The latter was also put as to close a bargain, a phrase used by Charles Dickens and other 19th-century writers: "He closed the bargain directly it reached his ears," Nicholas Nickleby, 1838.
See also: close, sale
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The final two steps of the seven-step selling cycle are closing the sale and referrals.
Get close to closing the sale - then get into all those details.
We recommend taking strategic advantage of that fact by using marketing tools such as a direct mail campaign to start a conversation, with the call to action being a visit to the website for more information, and then making sure a phone number is on the site for closing the sale and up-selling.
The statement made in this release regarding expectation of closing the sale transaction is a forward-looking statement that is made pursuant to Safe Harbor Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Therefore, actual results may differ materially from expected results due to a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the satisfaction of the conditions to closing the sale, as well as the additional factors which are reflected in the annual report on Form 10-K of Laidlaw International for the year ended August 31, 2004, and as may be detailed in the company's other filings, from time to time, with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
the court-appointed chief restructuring officer of PhyAmerica, said "We are very pleased to have competed one of the final steps to closing the sale approved by the Court.
Closing the sale is getting a lot easier due to the "Quick Quote" feature provided when you combine CIS and CIE with Chrome Carbook(TM) 5.
The company continues to work towards closing the sale and leaseback of its land and building, to source additional long-term financing partners and to renegotiate other debt.
Last week the Commission issued an order directing Florida Water to refrain from closing the sale until after a Commission review.
We finalized negotiations for the sale of MBM some time ago but we were waiting until it was imminent that our next transaction and other conditions were in place before closing the sale," Alvarez concluded.
The extension request resulted primarily from a temporary delay encountered in closing the sale of Evans' wholly owned subsidiary, ChemWay Systems, Inc.
Dahl, Chairman and CEO of CBC, said that, "All require-ments have now been met and we look forward to closing the sale of the stations in September and October".
1) Note: After closing the sale of the subsidiary -- MacGREGOR (announced 6/29/98)
While there is no assurance that the parties will reach a definitive agreement and close the transaction, the company anticipates closing the sale during the third calendar quarter.