closet with

closet (someone/oneself) with (someone)

To sequester someone or oneself with someone else in order to accomplish something. If we can just closet one party with the other, I think they will finally reach an agreement.
See also: closet

closet someone with someone

to put someone into a private room with someone else for the purposes of conducting business. She closeted herself with the president and finally, once and for all, had her say.
See also: closet
References in classic literature ?
No common closet with a vulgar door on hinges, openable all at once, and leaving nothing to be disclosed by degrees, this rare closet had a lock in mid-air, where two perpendicular slides met; the one falling down, and the other pushing up.
Cruncher's apartments were not in a savoury neighbourhood, and were but two in number, even if a closet with a single pane of glass in it might be counted as one.
I tell people that the retail price for a simple white melamine closet with shelves and hanging (no drawers, no doors, short panel hanging system) averages between $100 and $150 per linear foot.
CedarSafe has developed a cost-effective way to transform your closet into a beautiful cedar closet with solid cedar panels or planks.
I am proud that I was able to come out of the closet with dignity and on my own terms.
Dubbed Cedarstor, the line includes a rolling wardrobe closet with zippered front, a 4-shelf rolling sweater and shoe closet and a 4-shelf shoe closet.
So we were doing harmonies in a great, big walk-in closet with all these microphones.
Roach, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated: "We are grateful to the editors of Electronic House magazine for recognizing Digital Closet with Product of the Year Honors.
The bedroom closet with a difference - the one with the bullet-resistant window and the green exit button concealed behind the silk kimonos - can be found at the top of a gentle cascade of steps, past the African fertility figure and across from the pair of dueling indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis.
The new Cisco IOS for Switching software is extended to the wiring closet with a set of embedded capabilities on the Catalyst 5000 that provides improved performance over trunk links, integrated RMON, comprehensive traffic diagnostic tools, and enhanced virtual LAN (VLAN) support to enable dynamic configuration of VLANs across Catalyst 5000s.