close to (one's) heart

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close to (one's) heart

Personally important to, or loved by, one. The little girl who came to visit the elderly woman every weekend was very close to her heart.
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close to your heart

mainly BRITISH or

dear to your heart

COMMON If a subject is close to your heart or dear to your heart, it is very important to you and you care a lot about it. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. For presenter Manjeet K. Sandhu the position of Asian women in society is an issue very close to her heart. It's a project that is dear to my heart. Note: In American English, you can also say that a subject is near and dear to your heart. She has impressed Senators with her knowledge of subjects near and dear to their hearts.
See also: close, heart
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My nephew under went several life-saving operations and CHUF is a charity close to our hearts.
We must grasp and hold close to our hearts those universal values that this wounded world and its inhabitants need so badly.
It's a place that's very close to our hearts,'' said Joyce Grant of Northridge, explaining why she bundled up her family to join the rally.