close to heart

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close to your heart

also dear to your heart
of great importance to you The issue of race is one that is close to his heart.
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close/dear to somebody's heart

if something is dear to someone's heart, it is very important to them Animal rights is an issue very close to my heart.
See also: close, heart
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He said: "This event is very close to heart and I am thrilled to be asked to be a patron.
I'm a Middlesbrough fan first and foremost but Rangers are very close to heart too and this was a dream for today, although it was maybe a bigger day for my dad.
There are many topics that needs to be discussed and follow up with the Egyptian minister, particularly after my recent visit to Egypt, I wish success and prosperity to our close to heart country Egypt," Sheikh Salman added.
Right from the musical instruments to the opera-styled melodrama to highlight the impact of changing seasons on human mood was so much in tune with modernity that everyone among the audience felt it close to heart.
I understand the tradition and culture associated with Cardiff City, a club close to heart of every one of our fans," he said.
Our Air Force Reserve will Keep this close to heart, nurture it, and protect it.
They completed the challenge to raise funds for Ova The Rainbow cancer support group and the holistic centre at James Cook University Hospital, both charities close to heart of Mark and Geraldine's sister Karen Atkinson.
LONDON, November 12 /PRNewswire/ -- This Sunday 14th November is World Diabetes Day which this year focuses on the link between obesity and diabetes, a subject that is close to heart for many of us, especially with the nation becoming larger than ever.