close eyes to

(redirected from close our eyes to)

close one's eyes to something

 and shut one's eyes to something 
1. Lit. to close one's eyes to avoid seeing something unpleasant. I had to close my eyes to the carnage about me. I couldn't bear to look.
2. Fig. to ignore something; to pretend that something is not happening. Maria simply shut her eyes to the bad morale in her department.
See also: close, eye

close your/its eyes to something

also shut your/its eyes to something
to ignore something turn a blind eye (to something) As a cop, I can't close my eyes to illegal drugs, even when I'm not working. The church cannot close its eyes to suffering.
See also: close, eye

close/shut your eyes to something

to pretend that something bad does not exist because you do not want to deal with it She was besotted with him and closed her eyes to his character defects. You can't just shut your eyes to your problems and hope that they'll go away.
See also: close, eye
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The UDA asked us to close our eyes to the three decades of sectarian horror.
He said: "I don't think we ought to close our eyes to it because we're supposed to be fighting for democracy.
We are not obliged or expected to close our eyes to the excesses of our allies.