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clogs to clogs in three generations

The idea that a family can escape poverty for a time but then become impoverished again, all in the span of three generations. Primarily heard in UK. With the way you're spending our family's money, we'll be clogs to clogs in three generations!
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clever clogs

A light-hearted or humorous way to refer to an intelligent or clever person. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. He's such a clever clogs. There is no question he can't answer.
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clog someone up

[for some kind of food] to constipate someone. This cheese clogs me up. I can't eat it. This food clogs up people who eat it.
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clog something up

[for something] to obstruct a channel or conduit. The leaves clogged the gutters up. They clogged up the gutter.
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clog something with something

to block or obstruct a channel or conduit with something. The neighbors clogged the creek with their brush and leaves. Please don't clog the drain with garbage.
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clog up

[for a channel or conduit] to become blocked. The canal clogged up with leaves and mud.
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a clever clogs

  (British & Australian humorous) also a clever boots (Australian humorous)
if you call someone a clever clogs, you mean that they are very clever I bet old clever clogs here knows the answer.
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pop your clogs

  (British humorous)
to die This place hasn't been the same since poor old Harry popped his clogs.
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clog up

1. To obstruct some passageway: The fallen leaves clogged up the drainpipe. The sediment clogged the pipe up.
2. To cause something to become obstructed: I clogged up the sink with some leftover food. This nagging cold has clogged my sinuses up.
3. To become obstructed: Call the plumber; the toilet clogged up again.
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I don't know of anyone under 50 making clogs in England, Wales or Scotland, and nobody is teaching young people how to do it.
He bought the mill and gradually moved his machinery over from Huddersfield to Hebden Bridge, setting up the Walkley's Clogs business in Calderdale in 1978.
Leachate collection system design and clog development, in 6th Environmental Engineering Specialty Conference of the CSCE (7-10 Juny 2000).
It seems crazy there are boxes of clogs sitting unused and collecting dust in cupboards, cellars and attics.
bar] HE tradition of the clog maker in Wales will be celebrated during a TV show this weekend.
By the late 1950s the demand for clogs was diminishing rapidly owing to the availability of cheaper mass-produced shoes and, by about 1960, and with failing eyesight, he had effectively finished making clogs.
Ms Townsley said: "The decision to invest pounds 500,000 in these two nursery sites will allow us to build on the success of the Belmont Clever Clogs.
Clever Clogs employs 67 staff across all three nurseries and has the potential to double their staff numbers when they reach capacity.
There were many kinds of clogs, which would vary in their heights and the elements used in them, as some of them were inlaid with shells and embroidered with gold or silver threads.
One recent German orthopedic study even declared properly carved clogs downright good for the feet.
Your system is less likely to clog if it's well designed: use a filter of 150 mesh or smaller, and clean it regularly.
The recently introduced IHPP covers plumbing emergency repairs for leaks, breaks or clogs that occur within the home and are caused by normal wear and tear.
17, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Drain clogs are one of the most common problems that homeowner have with their homes plumbing system.
Andrea Townsley founded the Clever Clogs Day Nursery in Belmont, Durham, in 2007 and has now bought two new nurseries as part of a pounds 500,000 investment.
IKNOW what you're thinking - aren't clogs those shoes that the Dutch and Welsh folk dancers wear?