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clogs to clogs in three generations

The idea that a family can escape poverty for a time but then become impoverished again, all in the span of three generations. Primarily heard in UK. With the way you're spending our family's money, we'll be clogs to clogs in three generations!
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clever clogs

A light-hearted or humorous way to refer to an intelligent or clever person. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. He's such a clever clogs. There is no question he can't answer.
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clog someone up

[for some kind of food] to constipate someone. This cheese clogs me up. I can't eat it. This food clogs up people who eat it.
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clog something up

[for something] to obstruct a channel or conduit. The leaves clogged the gutters up. They clogged up the gutter.
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clog something with something

to block or obstruct a channel or conduit with something. The neighbors clogged the creek with their brush and leaves. Please don't clog the drain with garbage.
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clog up

[for a channel or conduit] to become blocked. The canal clogged up with leaves and mud.
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a clever clogs

  (British & Australian humorous) also a clever boots (Australian humorous)
if you call someone a clever clogs, you mean that they are very clever I bet old clever clogs here knows the answer.
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pop your clogs

  (British humorous)
to die This place hasn't been the same since poor old Harry popped his clogs.
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clog up

1. To obstruct some passageway: The fallen leaves clogged up the drainpipe. The sediment clogged the pipe up.
2. To cause something to become obstructed: I clogged up the sink with some leftover food. This nagging cold has clogged my sinuses up.
3. To become obstructed: Call the plumber; the toilet clogged up again.
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Construction waste is not applied for the drainage layer, because a high content of calcium carbonate in the filtrate of waste increases the possibility of clogging processes.
What to do: This kind of study can't prove that whole grains slow down artery clogging, but it's one more reason to switch to whole-grain breads.
Marks & Spencer Autograph full volume mascara - pounds 10: This tendedto go on rather thickly on first application and caused some clogging to lashes.
The folk dances of Irish, Scottish, English and Dutch-German settlers in the 1700s merged into an impromptu foot-tapping style, which was the beginning of clog dancing as it is known today, according to the Double Toe Times Clogging Magazine.
It also revealed that some of the clogging residue had diffused through the brick's boron nitride (BN) coating.
Nichole first saw the dance at a one-room clogging school near her home in Clinton, South Carolina.
If the tubing does clog, a flow regulator isn't affected by pressure buildup due to clogging, as a pressure regulator can be.
If an inkjet printer is not used on a regular basis, ink dries in the printer heads and clogging may result.
Since this new refractory design reduces clogging, resists wear and is not attacked by chemically-based oxides, the result was 13 months of uninterrupted service with limited wear to the lining and immediate dollar savings.
But emitters are known for clogging and breaking, which means they require constant maintenance.
Clogging was started hundreds of years ago by workers at a factory in England.
37 percent of respondents say no one takes responsibility for clogging the toilet in their home, while 33 percent say they do.
Some consumers like the fact that Fresh Dab can be used without clogging plumbing or damaging septic systems.
Which treatment they choose depends on the severity of the artery clogging, often detected with angiograms, which are x-ray images of blood vessels.
As the slag precursor diffuses into the refractory pore structure (leaving the stable oxides behind in the form of clogging material), the metal follows the same path, creating a network that is actually a casting of the interconnected pore space available.