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Following the introduction of its initial family of PC clock devices, IDT has established a proven track record of being at the forefront of delivering the clocking features required for the PC market.
The CY28442 integrates state-of-the-art programmable spread-spectrum technology to help reduce EMI across the entire system and designers to select multiple combinations of processor frequency and spread-spectrum clocking features through the I2C programmable interface.
With this new family of PC clocks, IDT now covers the clocking market with a comprehensive portfolio of devices for server, desktop and notebook PC applications," said Tom Kao, director of marketing, IDT PC clock product line.
The historical problem has been, however, that the clocking and switching occurring in the digital circuits of a microcontroller core inject noise into the sensitive analog circuitry.
The INCU877 also tracks Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) for reduced EMI.
In addition, IDT has leveraged its expertise in communications-specific clocking technology to develop value-added devices for non-communications market segments, including a JEDEC-defined DDR2 PLL and register chip set for dual in-line memory modules (DIMM) and a family of PC clocks.
The TI XDR Clock Generator (XCG) is a low-jitter clock generator chip providing a clocking solution for a broad range of high performance applications demanding high bandwidth memory, including consumer, networking, and PC computing systems.
Our decision to enter the PC clock arena was prompted by the change we are seeing in PC clocking requirements," said Kevin Walsh, director of strategic marketing for the IDT timing and logic division.
3-volts to address mixed-voltage clocking requirements within their systems.