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Embedded clocking provides the timing benefits of source-synchronous clocking without introducing problems associated with clock skew.
The AD9516 is well-suited for clocking ADI's high-speed ADCs and DACs, as well as the company's DDS (direct digital synthesis) products and embedded processors.
The XCG is an off-the-shelf clock generator solution provided by several leading IC companies for a broad range of high performance clocking interface applications.
Spread Spectrum Clocking is definitely a good insurance policy," said Nelson Arata, product marketing manager for Alliance's Analog and Mixed Signal business unit.
The IDT clocking solutions for Intel's next-generation Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset family for desktop PCs are also based on a four-PLL architecture.
In addition to the new self-biased PLL technology, the team has developed innovative PC clock and other advanced clocking products.
Clocking Solution Addresses Critical Electromagnetic Interference Issues In Next-Generation Notebook PCs
The MPC96877 is also designed to track spread spectrum clocking for reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI).