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Using a custom-made handset, like a large remote-control, the clockers simply plug into the dashboard computer and type in the new mileage.
HI-TECH clockers will make a mockery of used car mileage declarations without a change in public attitude towards higher mileage cars.
Spike Lee's new movie, Clockers, strikes most terribly at the heart--and for that matter at the stomach--during its opening shots, when the camera gazes relentlessly, in close-up, at the corpses of young black men.
Digital milometers in modern vehicles are designed to put rogue clockers like O'Callaghan out of business.
What makes Clockers successful is Lee's ability to avoid cliches that have ruined many a `street' film.
At the beginning of the film, there is little to differentiate Strike from his clocker counterparts.
A car clocker exposed by the Mail is to be banned from the motor trade for life.
Fastest clocker this month has been Ron Dix's Kilmore Celtic, who won an A4 contest in 29.
And the second clocker UPPED the mileage by 30,000 after he was told our investigator had been fiddling his car expenses.
Mr Ward Britons' obsession with mileage means a clocker can make up to pounds 1,000 winding back the clock on a typical mass volume four-year-old ex-fleet car from 90,000 to 40,000.
The Mountaineers sustained their forechecks better and consistently had the puck inside the Clocker zone, putting 11 of its 30 shots on goal during the period.
Whether it be panic or nerves, nonetheless, the Mountaineers still managed to stave off a few more Clocker rushes and settle for the tie in a nonleague game last night at Loring Arena.
A Daily Mirror investigator approached one clocker, former roofer Geoff Brooks.
In the second quarter, Ashland tied the game at 3, but the Chieftains took the lead for good when Magdaleno fired the ball past Clocker goalie Tom Bolton at the 5:21 mark.