clock at

clock (someone or something) at (a certain speed)

To track the speed at which someone or something moves. (The speed is stated after "at.") You're getting a ticket because I clocked you at 90 miles an hour—and the speed limit here is only 55.
See also: certain, clock

clock someone or something at something

to measure the speed of someone or something to be a certain figure. I clocked the runner at a record speed for the race. Karen clocked the race at three minutes flat.
See also: clock
References in classic literature ?
But this clock's so much before the clock at the Chase, there's no telling what time it'll be when I get here.
A key element within the Serializer is the Clock Multiplier Unit (CMU), which takes a reference clock at 106.
A high speed Clock and Data Recovery unit (CDR) uses sophisticated Phase Lock Loop (PLL) techniques to monitor the edges of the incoming serial data and extract a recovered clock at the bit rate.
Photo: Woodwork specialist Antonio Hernandez restores a grandfather clock at Custom Furniture Creations in Northridge.
Gibbon and other scientists presented the new findings on the interval clock at a session of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting in Baltimore this week.
Durst remounts debt clock at 43rd and Ave of Americas
comprehensive range of differential divided clock outputs for supplying test devices with an instrument-grade clock at the sub-rate commonly required to allow testing to be achieved,
In digital broadcast applications, the PCM1740's on-chip VCXO synchronizes the local time clock in the system to the time clock at the broadcast base station.
Additional features include three APIC clocks, one USB clock at 48 MHz and two reference clocks at 14.