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clip over the ear

A slap, smack, or cuff on the side of the head, usually as a reprimand for bad behavior. If you don't start your homework right now, I'm going to give you a clip over the ear!
See also: clip, ear

at a good clip

Quickly; at a good pace. That horse is moving at a good clip—I think he might win the race!
See also: clip, good

*at a good clip

 and *at a fast clip
rapidly. (*Typically: go ~; move ~; run ~; travel ~.) We were moving along at a good clip when a state trooper stopped us.
See also: clip, good

clip someone's wings

Fig. to restrain someone; to reduce or put an end to someone's privileges. (Alludes to clipping a bird's wings to keep it from flying away.) You had better learn to get home on time, or I will clip your wings. My mother clipped my wings. I can't go out tonight.
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clip something from something

to cut something out of or away from something; to cut something off something. I clipped the picture from the magazine. I clipped the straggly hairs from his head.
See also: clip

clip something on(to) someone or something

 and clip something on
to attach something to someone or something with a clip. I clipped a little name tag onto him before I put him on the plane. I clipped on a name tag.
See also: clip, on

clip something out of something

 and clip something out
to remove something from something by clipping or cutting. Please clip the article out of the magazine. Could you clip out the picture, too?
See also: clip, of, out

clip your wings

to limit your freedom She was afraid that motherhood would clip her wings.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of clip a bird's wings (to cut the feathers that make it possible for a bird to fly)
See also: clip, wing

clip somebody's wings

to limit someone's freedom
Usage notes: Birds who have had their wings clipped (= cut) cannot fly.
She never had kids. I guess she thought motherhood would clip her wings.
See also: clip, wing

clip someone's wings

Restrain or reduce someone's freedom, as in Hiding his car keys-you're really clipping his wings. This metaphor for clipping a bird's wings to prevent its flying away dates from ancient Roman times. Christopher Marlowe used it in The Massacre at Paris (1590): "Away to prison with him, I'll clip his wings."
See also: clip, wing


1. tv. to cheat someone. (see also clipped, clip joint.) That guy in there clipped me for a fiver.
2. tv. to kill someone. Frank and John had set out to clip Rocko first.
3. n. a holder for a marijuana cigarette butt. (see also roach clip.) My clip’s at home in my stash.
4. n. a music video; a short film. This next clip is something you’ll all recognize.
5. n. a fast rate of speed. You were moving at a pretty good clip when you ran into the truck.
6. tv. to sock someone. Max clipped Lefty on the jaw, and Lefty drew his gun.

clip a butt

tv. to pinch out a cigarette for later smoking. (Also with the.) Like an old soldier, Willy took a puff and then clipped the butt for later.
See also: butt, clip

clip joint

n. a business establishment that cheats customers. The clip joint on Fourth Street was busted last night.
See also: clip, joint

clip someone’s wings

tv. to restrain someone; to reduce or put an end to a teenager’s privileges. One more stunt like that and I’m going to clip your wings for a couple of weeks.
See also: clip, wing


1. mod. cheated. You weren’t clipped by me. I just made a mistake.
2. mod. arrested. Frank got clipped as he got out of his car.
3. mod. circumcised. Fred couldn’t imagine what not being clipped would be like.
See also: clip

roach clip

and roach pick
n. a device to hold a roach and make it smokable. (Drugs.) When the cops find a roach clip on you, you’ve had it. He held the roach on a paper clip “roach pick.”
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Our customers' enthusiastic response to the Palm VII product and our elegant web clipping interface demonstrates that quick, streamlined access to accurate, Web-based information almost anytime, anywhere has tremendous value for today's busy professionals," said Byron Connell, vice president, Consumer Markets Group at Palm, Inc.
The latest Palm product to feature built-in wireless access to Internet content and e-mail, the Palm VIIx handheld features a fourfold increase in memory to 8MB and 40 bundled web clipping applications, nearly double the wireless content bundled with the original Palm VII handheld.
com by Verizon, the Internet's leading directory, is offering users of the Palm(TM) VII series handheld computer a downloadable Web clipping application, which will give them quick and convenient access to SuperPages.
Web clippings offer users the power to obtain and track information from specially designed Web sites while they are on the go.
Wireless Web clippings feature streamlined content from existing Web pages or databases that has been adapted for delivery via handheld personal digital assistants (PDA's) that use the PalmOS platform.
Created to supplement PR InSite's comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for online newsroom and Web activity management, the news clipping and media monitoring service provides end users with unlimited searching of general online media and industry publications for references to their firm, products, competitors and more.
PR InSite, a global provider of Web applications and technology solutions for the public relations industry, announces the launch of a powerful, yet easy to use, news clipping and media monitoring service.
CyberAlert, the media monitoring service, has launched a news monitoring, clipping and briefing service dubbed CyberAlert SSE that delivers only one clip per day of any news story, no matter how many news sources carry the story.
The most economical hand-held scanners copy at resolutions of 300 dots per square inch, which is adequate for most clipping scans.
As the pioneer in endoscopic clipping, Olympus is committed to maximizing the efficacy of mechanical hemostasis in GI endoscopy," said Rick Harbuck, Group Vice President of the Endoscopy Division at Olympus America Inc.
While showing that coils are "another viable option" for aneurysm repair, he says, the study doesn't establish the technique as superior to clipping.
Remember when a "press clipping service" used real clips?
The simplest way is to make a pile in your backyard of leaves, kitchen scraps, lawn clippings, and tree and shrub trimmings.
The appeals court held that a general ban on the receipt of clippings from noncommercial sources violated the prisoner's First Amendment right to receive information, but that the district court injunction was overly broad and violated the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA.
The problem with blowers begins with the problem some people have with the sight of unswept grass clippings and leaves.