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social climber

A person who tries to elevate his or her social status, often through the calculated use of friendships and relationships. Based on his circle of friends, it's obvious that he is nothing more than a social climber.
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a social climber

someone who tries to join a higher social class, especially by becoming friends with people from that class He was a dedicated social climber and was at all the best parties.
See also: climber, social
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Suspended over LSC's atrium, the Infinity Climber dares guests to climb, crawl, and balance their way through endless pathways as high as 35 feet above the floor.
Another climber was evacuated from the same mountain two days later, but Hyvert was never found.
A fellow climber heard cries for help and alerted emergency services.
Danish climber and also Deputy Head of Mission at the Danish Embassy in Islamabad, Jens J.
Nine mountain climbers were killed in an avalanche near Chamonix in the French Alps on Thursday and rescue workers were searching for four others still missing, authorities said.
The climber, who is studying in Fort William, was out with a party of climbers when the horrific fall happened at about 12.
The climber was 400ft up the Great Gully, at Craig Yr Ysfa, on the eastern slopes of Carnedd Llewelyn when he fell 10 metres.
In 2007, British climber Ian Woodall returned to Mt.
It often happens, however, that one may wish to plant a flowering climber in partial shade; there are a few climbers which thrive under such conditions.
ISTANBUL, Feb 23, 2010 (TUR) -- Nasuh Mahruki, the first Turkish climber ever to summit Mount Everest, is set to try the roof of the world for a second time.
One climber was believed to have been found dead, while the other was taken to Belford Hospital in Fort William for treatment.
Choose honeysuckle for a climber that provides not only subtle colour but a gorgeous aroma or perhaps the jasmine - jasminum officinale - a semi-evergreen, woody stemmed climber grown for clusters of small, yellow star-shaped flowers.
This often resulted in hunters hanging in a tree with the top half of the climber.
I can confirm nine dead and three missing," Nazir Sabir, a celebrated Pakistani climber and chief of Nazir Sabir Expeditions, said.