climb down

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climb down (from something)

to dismount something; to come down from something. The child climbed down from the roof. Please climb down!
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The women, however, refused to climb down unless they were given a written assurance, accepting their demands and a setting deadline for the same.
Now Abbas wants the US administration to intervene and set new objectives, making it easier for the Palestinian president to climb down from that high tree, Kallab said.
But her climb down did nothing to deter critics who repeated calls for her to go.
Sunrise fund-raiser Penny Growcoot said: "This is a really exciting opportunity to climb down an amazing building.
After about 90 minutes of discussion, the individual said he would climb down if Walck gave him his ballistic vest.
They were even willing to overlook the blatant public alcohol consumption if it meant they didn't have to climb down the long-ass trail.
Even with her injury, she managed to climb down steep faces covered in loose rock and pull herself through heather and bracken to the roadside where she was found by passing tourists and taken to the police.
TWO teenage girls caused havoc when they refused to climb down from the roof of the Co-op in Earlsdon Street, Earlsdon, in the early hours of yesterday.
What I am thinking is that she is so proud to be a conservative, she needs to climb down off her cross and stop playing the victim.
You may be asking yourself why I didn't just climb down and run him off, especially since he was smaller than what I was planning to shoot.
The book limits itself to demanding that companies be more transparent, that they open their inner sanctums to the public and that corporate boards climb down from their ivory towers.
In Berlin, it was installed in a municipal swimming pool that had been drained and darkened, allowing visitors to contemplate from above this otherworldly environment of vibrating machines, blinking lights, and billowing vapors, or to climb down into the pool and become a part of it.
Climb down, take a few samples, then climb out again.
Reitz borrowed the kayak, paddled to where Hotelling was, had him climb down the side of the cliff to the water, and paddled him safely to shore.
At the surprise of many, as of 1 July this year the price of electricity will not go up but will instead climb down.