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too clever by half

Too contrived or arrogant in one's cleverness or intelligence, to the point of being irritating to others. Primarily heard in UK. I think every adolescent goes through a stage where they become too clever by half and begin to think of themselves as the only person who has things figured out. The phones people use these days are all too clever by half—I can barely even use them to make phone calls!
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clever clogs

A light-hearted or humorous way to refer to an intelligent or clever person. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. He's such a clever clogs. There is no question he can't answer.
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clever boots

A light-hearted or humorous way to refer to an intelligent or clever person. Primarily heard in Australia. Judy's such a clever boots. She solved the puzzle in 30 seconds.
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clever dick

A person who irritates others by contantly trying to prove his or her superior intelligence. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Don't be such a clever dick! It's not necessary to correct everyone's grammar all of the time.
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box clever

to behave in a clever and sometimes slightly dishonest way to try to achieve a result you want
Usage notes: A good boxer (= man who fights as a sport) is a person who uses skill as well as strength to win fights.
Obviously he would have to box clever in the witness stand to avoid implicating himself.
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a clever clogs

  (British & Australian humorous) also a clever boots (Australian humorous)
if you call someone a clever clogs, you mean that they are very clever I bet old clever clogs here knows the answer.
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a clever dick

  (British & Australian)
someone who tries too hard to show that they are clever, in a way which annoys other people He's such a clever dick, talking loudly on the phone in lots of different languages.
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be too clever by half

to be too confident of your own intelligence in a way that annoys other people At school he had a reputation for arrogance. 'Too clever by half' was how one former teacher described him.
See box clever
See also: clever, half
References in classic literature ?
He rattled and clanked a little, as he moved, but in the main he seemed to be most cleverly constructed, and his appearance was only marred by the thick coating of polishing-paste that covered him from head to foot.
The poor Scarecrow went whirling through the air and so cleverly was he aimed that he struck Ojo's back and sent the boy tumbling head over heels, and he tripped Dorothy and sent her, also, sprawling upon the ground.
Hereupon he was invited to go down on his knees, and the guards of Loewestein, twelve in number, at a sign from a sergeant, very cleverly lodged a musket-ball each in his body.
Still, there is a certain interest which attaches to the mantel-piece: it conceals a cleverly constructed hiding-place, between the floor of the room and the ceiling of the room beneath, which was made during the last evil days of the Inquisition in Venice, and which is reported to have saved an ancestor of my gracious lord pursued by that terrible tribunal.
He was neatly made, all of tin, nicely soldered at the joints, and his various limbs were cleverly hinged to his body so that he could use them nearly as well as if they had been common flesh.
she plays her part just as cleverly with her pen as she played it with her tongue.
He also had put on board an apparatus of compressed air very cleverly designed.
No, my friend, this evidence has been very cleverly manufactured--so cleverly that it has defeated its own ends.
He several times expressed his regret at Monsieur Darzac's absence from the chateau on all these occasions, and thought that Monsieur Darzac had done cleverly in allying himself with Monsieur Joseph Rouletabille, who could not fail, sooner or later, to discover the murderer.
He had no sooner seen me than he began to dance some steps of the sea-hornpipe (which I had never before heard of far less seen), snapping his fingers in the air and footing it right cleverly.
I often think that the celebrated talkers of the last century would have found it difficult to talk cleverly now.
N CLEVERLY v A FONFARA Sky Sports 1, 2am By Henry Hardwicke NATHAN CLEVERLY travels to Chicago to face Andrzej Fonfara for the WBC International light-heavyweight title but it's likely that the Welshman will be blown away in the Windy City.
NATHAN CLEVERLY will return to Y the light heavyweight division in which he won his world title when he launches another comeback in April.
NATHAN Cleverly will return to the light-heavyweight division in which he won his world title when he launches another comeback in April.
TONY BELLEW finally exacted revenge over bitter rival Nathan Cleverly with a split decision here in Liverpool last night.