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cleave to (one)

To have sexual intercourse with one's spouse only, and no one else. I would never cheat on my husband—after all, I vowed to cleave to him until my dying day.
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cleave to someone

to be sexually faithful, usually to one's husband. (Biblical. As in the traditional marriage ceremony, "And cleave only unto him.") She promised to cleave only to him for the rest of her life.
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References in classic literature ?
Christ is born, and millions of minds so grow and cleave to his genius that he is confounded with virtue and the possible of man.
They alluded to God's creation of a wife from Adam's rib "and for this cause a man shall leave father and mother, and cleave unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh," and that "this is a great mystery"; they prayed that God would make them fruitful and bless them, like Isaac and Rebecca, Joseph, Moses and Zipporah, and that they might look upon their children's children.
But let the flying waiter cleave the air as he might, he was always reproached on his return by the immovable waiter for bringing fog with him, and being out of breath.
When that admirable Department got into trouble, and was, by some infuriated members of Parliament whom the smaller Barnacles almost suspected of labouring under diabolic possession, attacked on the merits of no individual case, but as an Institution wholly abominable and Bedlamite; then the noble or right honourable Barnacle who represented it in the House, would smite that member and cleave him asunder, with a statement of the quantity of business (for the prevention of business) done by the Circumlocution Office.
But I hope you won't take it ill that I cleave to the child closer than words can tell, for he's the last living thing left me.
I was sure that you meant to cleave to me, as you had said; that you had rejected him; that you struggled to renounce him, for Lucy's sake and for mine.
Suddenly, the martial note of a bugle cleaves the hum and murmur - clear the ring!
Yon moon that cleaves the gloomy pines Has freshness in her train; Low wind, faint stream, and waterfall Haunt me with their refrain.
Cleave is currently evaluating CB-5083 as an anti-cancer agent in two Phase 1 studies, one in patients with multiple myeloma and one in patients with solid tumors.
Police now say the shot was unrelated to the assault, but as everyone fled, cash and other items allegedly were taken by Brunnelle and Van Cleave.
8220;I've partnered with senior business leaders for more than 15 months to carefully plan a succession strategy that best supports our employees, clients, and future growth,” said Van Cleave.
Cleave, whose debut novel 'Incendiary' was made into a film starring Ewan MacGregor and Michelle Williams, had taken on a hugely challenging cycling programme to research the story, which focuses on two British female cyclists fighting for one coveted place in the London Olympics.
ENDANGERED: Black rhinos at Chester Zoo; and, inset, right, cycling enthusiast keeper Mark Cleave
PASSED OUR EXAMS: Abu Ali, on left, with James Cleave
A toxin that's unable to cleave stays stuck in the cell membrane, incapable of attacking the cell.