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This latter statement is clearly proved by reciprocal crosses between the same two species, for according as the one species or the other is used as the father or the mother, there is generally some difference, and occasionally the widest possible difference, in the facility of effecting an union.
The foregoing rules and facts, on the other hand, appear to me clearly to indicate that the sterility both of first crosses and of hybrids is simply incidental or dependent on unknown differences, chiefly in the reproductive systems, of the species which are crossed.
The variety of the literary influences in eighteenth century England was so great that the century can scarcely be called a literary unit; yet as a whole it contrasts clearly enough both with that which goes before and with that which follows.
His tall, bony figure gave promise of exceptional physical strength, while his great cranium and deep-set, lustrous eyes spoke no less clearly of the keen intelligence which twinkled out from behind his bushy eyebrows.
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However, where no other prohibition applies, the Service has asserted that the cash method of accounting fails to clearly reflect income (as required by Sec.
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11) The Court plainly stated that while uses of force by police occur that are clearly excessive or clearly appropriate, a gray area remains in between.
Respondents to the Mazars survey clearly expect greater volatility in reporting.
Identity Web sites should clearly disclose the physical location of where they are produced, including an address, a telephone number or e-mail address.
The TRA '97 provides that a taxpayer will not be deemed to use an inventory accounting method that does not clearly reflect income solely because the taxpayer accrues for inventory shrinkage.
The IRS may require such a change if it finds the current method does not clearly reflect the entity's income or if it finds the business is holding "inventory" and, therefore, must use the accrual method even though the business does not primarily hold merchandise for sale.
Now the UK's leading flavoured water Clearly Canadian is the only product in this sector to achieve distribution with all the major grocery multiples.
Moreover, although the cases analyzed by Carnes and Englebrecht definitely mark a trend, the courts have generally resisted IRS efforts to override a statutory or regulatory accounting rule even where the IRS concludes that the taxpayer's method does not clearly reflect income.
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