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The clearest example of this is the Anglican fetish for structure over substance, for rules over truth, for procedures over orthodox faith.
He gives the clearest description I've ever read of how appetite control works for animals in their natural environment--and how it should work for humans.
The clearest of those conclusions was that people are being very cautious about market conditions.
It was one of the clearest and most well-written pieces I have ever seen dealing with an area that confuses many who have been in the insurance industry for years.
Classical Architecture is the clearest and most accessible account of the history and use of the language which has produced most of the great masterpieces of Western architecture.
The clearest message is that we as African Americans have to focus on the fundamentals," he writes.
IBM (NYSE:IBM) is shipping the world's clearest computer display -- 12-times sharper than current displays -- 10 years sooner than industry experts said it was possible.
The clearest way to do this is to put Florida's 25 electoral votes in play.
Keep in mind that books remain the clearest windows to a world of expanded vocabulary, imagination and a variety of enticements.
Ballet Arizona's board chose Andersen in part because "he presented the clearest artistic vision," Sterling said.
30, 2000), "The clearest case of voluntary papal resignation was that of Pope Celestine V" in the 13th century, although the number of popes who resigned may be as high as 10.
The second concept is clearest in Renaissance fiction, where "knowledge claims are routinely destabilized by wondrous events that are shown not to have a rational, coherent explanation" (2).
This is hidden by the everyday reference to the public and private sectors, one of our clearest examples of innocent fraud.
Binatone's Airlink 8 cordless telephone is one of the clearest on the market.
was the year of my clearest childhood memory of Simon jumping out of the schoolhouse window, Mr.