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The comments also ask CMS to be clearer about enforcement of requirements and that it have a specific standard for determining and correcting discrimination.
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published a draft framework under which clearers could only be allowed to restrict further cooperation on grounds of risk.
The Groningen University researchers found that people who worked at disorganised desks, or shopped in a store they perceived as disorganised, became clearer thinking.
Mrs May is also writing to Sir Denis O'Connor, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary, saying that forces should be given clearer guidance on tactics, pre-emptive action, public order policing, forces to assist others, and the appropriate arrest policy.
KENNETH MOOD, Swalwell, "As she shelters in sleep So her truth dawns Her future is clearer, She packs for brighter days.
Made of an ultra-fine fiber, the screens provide a clearer viewing experience for homes.
HOUSEHOLDERS will receive clearer energy bills and help to secure the best deal under new rules that come into force today.
Choice, along with training company Clearer Thoughts, is holding a free event next Thursday to encourage firms to sign up to Getting British Business Online (GBBO).
THE full scale of the huge job losses faced by Kirklees Council is now becoming far clearer.
Sony unveils touch-screen Walkman with clearer color display
Northumbrian Water's CD-Rom Water Made Clearer has already been distributed to 70 schools in the region to explain how water is used in sewage treatment and then returned to the environment.
European Union Public Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou announced that 146 makers of soft drinks and fast food have agreed voluntarily to reformulate sugar, fat and salt levels, make labels clearer, agree on common advertising norms and promote healthy lifestyles.
It's really hard to describe how much brighter things are and how much clearer the colors are out of this new lens.
The new device, which combines IRI-Ubiteq's image processing technologies, FiberTech's expertise in medical devices, and super-resolution processing, an algorithm developed by the Nagaoka University of Technology, can remove noise in fundus photographs on a real-time basis and make the images clearer.
I believe the damage from this strategic capitulation will be come clearer over the next 6-12 months as they are required to aggressively incentivize even brand new (and much improved) product like the GMT 900.