clear off

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clear off (of some place)

to depart; to get off someone's property. Clear off my property! Clear off, do you hear?
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clear something off something

 and clear something off
to take something off something. Please clear the dishes off the table. I'll clear off the dishes.
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clear off

1. See clear out, def. 1.
2. Become clear after cloudiness, fog, etc., as in I hope this fog clears off before morning. This phrase, first recorded in 1816, is heard less often today, clear alone often sufficing ( I hope the fog clears). Also see clear up.
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clear off

1. To remove something that is covering some area: She cleared off the papers that were cluttering her desk. He cleared the dirt off the windowsill.
2. To clean some area by removing items that are there: He cleared off the worktable to make room for the new equipment. She cleared the counter off and wiped it with a sponge.
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Bournemouth had another slice of luck when Delroy Facey's angled shot beat Moss, but Steve Purches got back to clear off the line.
Constable surged forward, rounded goalkeeper Sam Russell and, with the whole goal to aim at, fired straight at the grateful Collins who had managed to retreat quickly enough to clear off the line.
Glens nearly levelled when Craig Bingham's corner almost floated in only for Steve Murray to clear off the line
Man of the match Will Vaulks forced Huyon goalkeeper Jack Layden into making a fine save from a shot that appeared t o be heading for the top corner and Andrew Hardy got back to clear off the line.
The big thing is to get clear off the road, safely off the highway so they are not a hazard to passing motorists.
The dentists need this time twice per month to clear off their desks, make non-urgent phone calls, and work ON their business, not IN it
Two minutes later Field went close again when Nicholas Brooks headed goalwards, but this time Bedworth's caretaker player manager Ian Drewitt was on hand to clear off the line.
Why not clear off to Starbucks, where staff have time to mess around with machines and milk froth?
Crumlin found their stride and Reid was unlucky when he beat the keeper, only for McLaughlin to clear off the line.