clear as crystal

*clear as crystal

1. Cliché very clear; transparent. (*Also: as ~.) The stream was as clear as crystal. She cleaned the windowpane until it was clear as crystal.
2. Cliché very clear; easy to understand. (*Also: as ~.) The explanation was as clear as crystal. Her lecture was not clear as crystal, but at least it was not dull.
See also: clear, crystal
References in classic literature ?
shone with a broad, level surface that was as clear as crystal.
Xcuse me, ladies, but that's just puttin' the hull question that's agitatin' this yer camp inter two speeches as clear as crystal.
This tub is full of water which is as clear as crystal, and is tempered to 28 degrees Re'aumur (about 95 degrees Fahrenheit).
Some of these springs gush out of the earth in sufficient quantity to turn a mill; and furnish beautiful streams, clear as crystal, and full of trout of a large size, which may be seen darting about the transparent water.
Behold, the gold well is as bright and clear as crystal, you shall sit beside it, and take care that nothing falls into it, or it will be polluted.
Clear as crystal, motionless as a sheet of glass, green as the edge of an iceberg, it stretched in front of us under its leafy archway, every stroke of our paddles sending a thousand ripples across its shining surface.
You are always training yourself to be, mind and body, as clear as crystal, and you always are, and never change; whereas I am a muddy, solitary, moping weed.
Why, that makes it as clear as crystal," said the inspector.