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The clean-cut image is one of the troubled supermodel's first assignments since her career was threatened by allegations of cocaine use; Picture: VIRGIN MOBILE
The FTCOS-F flat tube cut-off system produces up to 3,600 clean-cut, 24" long parts per hour.
The meals themselves were carefully selected by Sainsbury's to cater for consumer taste in the UK and the cartons have a clean-cut design, which incorporates a photograph of the actual meal, together with information on the main ingredients.
The charm of the ballet lay not only in the clean-cut accuracy of the performing but also in Duato's assertive yet sensitive use of the men.
He is a very intelligent, clean-cut young man who on first appearance arouses no suspicions.
Like Keaton, the clean-cut, teenage epitomy of a Type A personality played by Michael J.
Worst of all, his naive Egyptian companion slips away so that she can emigrate to America and be employed by this same corporation, which advertises, "Join an exciting team which is also very friendly and looks for clean-cut energetic people like you.
A Beat couple arguing about the First Amendment, their Ban the Bomb daughter busting up a high school air raid drill, a clean-cut kid with a secret Lenny Bruce record, a J.
Boone had a smooth style, a clean-cut image, and of course, his trademark white bucks.
He added: "The funny thing is that people say you're all so clean-cut but we were not really that clean-cut.
She has now quit as a leather-clad dancer with the Satanic Sluts and started a clean-cut pop band.
The government are desperate to present a clean-cut image of their country to foreign fans so they have instructed cops to sweep the streets clean of undesirables.
We'd like something really '90s, clean-cut clothing and classic menswear.
In 1958, three clean-cut young men known as the Kingston Trio recorded a simple, century-old North Carolina folk tune called ``Tom Dooley.
On the plus side, the album's full of hope with a clean-cut cover of Supertramp's Give A Little Bit and anthemic finale Become certain to spark a sea of mobiles on tour.