clean off

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clean something off

 and clean something off something
to take something off something; to remove something such as dirt or dirty dishes. Please clean the table off and put the dishes in the kitchen. I'll clean off the table. Judy cleaned the writing off the wall.
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A very severe round follows, in which Tom gets out and out the worst of it, and is at last hit clean off his legs, and deposited on the grass by a right-hander from the Slogger.
from the moral sweet, the moral deep, the moral fair; that is, again, to contrive to cut clean off this upper surface so thin as to leave it bottomless; to get a one end, without an other end.
You could not observe that from here, but if you were on the mantelpiece you would see that it is cut clean off without any mark of fraying whatever.
Once the crack is filled, the dark gap will be less noticeable and you might not need to paint it if you clean off any excess filler.
WHEN I'm out with you, on a walk or two And we wear a trainer or a shoe Admiring the gardens or the view It is very, very true That we have to watch out too For the owners of the dogs that do not do The clean up of the mess that we call poo For the muck upon my shoe Really makes me cry boo-hoo For the mess it makes is more akin to glue For the trouble I go through To clean off all that goo Can make me want to sue The question is "sue who?
4 Although time-consuming, sometimes the best way to get a good finish is to lightly sand and clean off between coats of paint, especially with wood and MDF - MDF can be 'furry' so light sanding is often a good idea.
This white paint is nicer to use and less messy than knotting solution and because it's water based, it dries quickly and is easy to clean off anything it shouldn't be on.
Cut them clean off with a nice sharp pair of secateurs.
Please take the time to clean off your entire vehicle, not just two peepholes for you to see through.
The 28-year-old said: "It knocked the mirror clean off.
The victim, in her 60s, suffered a head injury when a gust blew the metal-framed roof of the stall in Northumberland Street, Newcastle, clean off.
Clean off dried or decomposing grass from your lawnmower, which sets solid in difficult-toreach places.
Mask off the area around the stove with dust sheets or old newspapers and rub down and clean off any flaky paint or dirty marks so you have a good smooth surface to work with.
Cut back the tops to only about three inches and clean off dead leaf debris.
Melbourne, September 23 (ANI): A python lifted a man in Australia clean off the ground while he was trying to capture it.