clean down

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clean someone or something down

to clean someone or something by brushing or with flowing water. He was covered with mud, and we used the garden hose to clean him down. Please clean down the sidewalk.
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11am: I help the chefs clean down the kitchen before lunch and update The Noble House blackboard with the day's lunch specials.
That required us to clean down bird droppings and pigeon-proof 360 balconies on three high-rise blocks of flats in the West Midlands area.
CLEAN down the engines in a Thomas the Tank tabard, pounds 7.
The shop is fully equipped and has a four post frame rack with some of the latest technology and a clean down draft paint booth for those flawless paint jobs.
Dirty wiping cloths were used to clean down and mop up spillages.
To do that you must remove the biological detector assay reservoir and replace it with the clean down reservoir and then run the BIDS until all solution is flushed from the lines.
A thorough clean down with Armillatox or Jeyes Fluid will take care of any potential foe and clean up all the algae which restricts the light levels needed in the spring.
Systems are PLC-controlled and equipped with large capacity sifter, hinged cyclone, and quick disconnect piping, which enables fast clean down between product changes.
And workmen at the Home Office used a hose to clean down the windows of Mr Reid's pounds 311million headquarters.
Easy Brush, a new ``toothbrush'' for dogs, claims to clean a dog's teeth better than current doggy dental care solutions such as dry kibble, dental toys or finger brushes, none of which clean down to the gums as effectively as real (made-for-humans) toothbrushes.
The motor rotates the cable at varying speeds so the blades can cut through clogs and obstructions deep into household drainpipes and literally shave the pipes clean down to the pipe walls.
Later we clean down the place and collect everything - even body fluids - and put them into special airtight disposal bags.
She knocked one officer clean down a flight of stairs, the prosecution claimed.
The clean down accelerated loan payments during the period of December through March, when the majority of Tyco's receivables were paid each year.
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