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get (one's) claws out

1. Literally, of an animal, to prepare for an attack or for defense by protracting or displaying its claws. I hate my neighbor's cat, it always gets its claws out when I go near it.
2. By extension, to become particularly aggressive, especially in preparation for a confrontation. (Most often said of a woman.) Jenny had her claws out after she found out Mary had been spreading rumors about her in school.
See also: claw, get, out

cat's claw

An herb with medicinal properties commonly found in South America and Asia. A: "I'm really not feeling well today." B: "Let me make you a remedy with cat's claw and some other herbs."
See also: claw

claw me, claw thee

Help me, and I'll help you. A phrase used to describe a reciprocal relationship. After how much you helped me with the budget, of course I'll work with you to finish the project! Claw me, claw thee!
See also: claw, thee

get (one's) claws into

To exert one's influence over another person. Bobby's new girlfriend must have gotten her claws into him—have you seen the way he's dressing these days?
See also: claw, get

claw off

To rip or tear something off of someone or something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "claw" and "off." Unfortunately for me, my puppy just loves clawing the upholstery off my couch.
See also: claw, off

claw (one's) way (somewhere)

To physically exert oneself to reach a particular destination. We had to claw our way through dense brush to reach the river.
See also: claw, way

claw (one's) way to the top

To reach the highest level of something through unscrupulous methods. She clawed her way to the top, sabotaging everyone in her path—I see no honor in that.
See also: claw, top, way

claw (one's) way back from (something)

To work hard to regain something after a significant loss or setback. He'll have to claw his way back from that serious injury if he wants to be our starting quarterback next season.
See also: back, claw, way

claw one's way to the top

Fig. to climb to the most prestigious level of something ruthlessly. He was the type of hard-hitting guy who claws his way to the top. She clawed her way to the top, fighting at every step.
See also: claw, top, way

claw something off someone or something

 and claw something off
to rip or tear something off from someone or something. We saw a guy clawing his burning clothes off himself. He clawed off his burning clothes.
See also: claw, off

one's claws are showing

one is acting catty; one is saying spiteful and cruel things. Gloria: Did you see what she was wearing? I wouldn't be caught dead in it! Sally: Gloria, my dear, your claws are showing.
See also: claw, showing

claw your way somewhere

to use all your energy and determination to achieve something Little by little, the county is clawing its way out of the damage caused by the flood. She clawed her way to the top of the company.
See also: claw, way

claw your way back from something

if you claw your way back from a bad situation, you succeed in improving your situation again by making a big effort They clawed their way back from almost certain defeat to win by a single point.
See also: back, claw, way

get her claws into somebody

if a woman gets her claws into a man, she manages to start a relationship with him, often because she wants to control him or get something from him If she gets her claws into that young man she'll ruin his political career.
See also: claw, get

get your claws into somebody

to find a way of influencing or controlling someone If the loan company gets its claws into you, you'll still be paying off this debt when you're 50.
See also: claw, get

fight tooth and claw/nail

to fight very hard to achieve something (often + to do sth) We fought tooth and nail to retain our share of the business.
See also: and, claw, fight, tooth
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But Vogel told Westminster magistrates court she had no idea selling antique big-cat claws was illegal.
Incisions on strung claws developed polished edges from rubbing against the string, the researchers say.
Every cat is different and there is no set time for when their claws should be trimmed, so approach the task calmly and understand that you may not trim all of her claws at one time and may need a second or even third sitting.
Two current fishery regulations initiated during the 1970s in Florida may be particularly problematic for stone crabs: first, allowing the removal of both claws (Muller et al.
Commercial crabbers take only the claws and return the crabs to the water, where they grow replacements.
The researchers examined the role of a pair of claws at the tip of the gonopodium of the male guppy (Poecilia reticulata) - essentially the fish's penis.
Scientists say the "cave robber" - which lurks in caves swinging on strands of silk snapping up prey with its oversized claws - is so significant it's been given its own family name of Trogloraptoridae.
I realize the rifle's original scope attachments were hand fitted and permanently attached to the one matching scope, but I do believe if I had a set of claw bases that made for a level base, then I could adapt the rest.
The council's Valleys Area Committee agreed to invest in the ice claws for older people in the Golcar ward.
Now a Yarmouth, Maine resident, Woods believes that the Maine Red Claws organization is more than a great sports team -- but also a powerful engine for community impact and spirit.
We love being able to offer stone crab claws as part of our shellfish menu.
Crabs, like other crustaceans, are capable of re-growing limbs and claws if they lose or damage them in a fight.
The policy will also allow MET to control the utilisation of the plant to ensure sustainable harvesting methods are used, collect information to facilitate trade in devil claws products and to promote value addition in Namibia as the biggest devil's claw exporter in Africa.
Usually, trapped lobsters detach their claws when they feel in danger, but this big fella decided to hang around.
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