claw off

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claw something off someone or something

 and claw something off
to rip or tear something off from someone or something. We saw a guy clawing his burning clothes off himself. He clawed off his burning clothes.
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Then Lennon politely excuses himself to pull a bomb-sniffing robot's claw off of Deputy Jones's crotch.
Basement boys NEW MARSKE can claw off the bottom if they can complete their first double of the season and beat fellow strugglers Willington.
Stouke Tucks actually ripped a dew claw off and he'll need a couple of weeks," said Parker.
But a spirited revival has seen them claw off the bottom and a run of three wins in four has lifted them within touching distance of fifth bottom Plain.
There was much greater purpose and menace about Forest's attacking play and David Johnson served notice of what was to come when he put in a cross that goalkeeper Kevin Davis just managed to claw off the head of Jack Leicester.
He said: "We'll have to get the dew claw off and he'll be out of action for three to four weeks.
Luckily, it's usually nicely disguised in a fritter, salad or stew, though the locals bite the claw off live ones as it's thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac.
They have won two and drawn two to claw off the bottom and gave leaders Whitehaven a scare before losing 2-1 and then went down 3-0 at Wolviston last week.
In betting terms, it is not too jaundiced to regard international friendlies as opportunities to give back to book- makers any money we may have been able to claw off them at other times.
Despite the problems Thornaby are actually doing very well on the pitch and have won five out of seven in the league to claw off the bottom and away from immediate danger.
The table belies an impressive revival in recent weeks that has seen them pick up their first win of the season and another couple of draws to claw off the bottom.