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get (one's) claws out

1. Literally, of an animal, to prepare for an attack or for defense by protracting or displaying its claws. I hate my neighbor's cat, it always gets its claws out when I go near it.
2. By extension, to become particularly aggressive, especially in preparation for a confrontation. (Most often said of a woman.) Jenny had her claws out after she found out Mary had been spreading rumors about her in school.
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cat's claw

An herb with medicinal properties commonly found in South America and Asia. A: "I'm really not feeling well today." B: "Let me make you a remedy with cat's claw and some other herbs."
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claw me, claw thee

Help me, and I'll help you. A phrase used to describe a reciprocal relationship. After how much you helped me with the budget, of course I'll work with you to finish the project! Claw me, claw thee!
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get (one's) claws into

To exert one's influence over another person. Bobby's new girlfriend must have gotten her claws into him—have you seen the way he's dressing these days?
See also: claw, get

claw off

To rip or tear something off of someone or something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "claw" and "off." Unfortunately for me, my puppy just loves clawing the upholstery off my couch.
See also: claw, off

claw (one's) way (somewhere)

To physically exert oneself to reach a particular destination. We had to claw our way through dense brush to reach the river.
See also: claw, way

claw (one's) way to the top

To reach the highest level of something through unscrupulous methods. She clawed her way to the top, sabotaging everyone in her path—I see no honor in that.
See also: claw, top, way

claw (one's) way back from (something)

To work hard to regain something after a significant loss or setback. He'll have to claw his way back from that serious injury if he wants to be our starting quarterback next season.
See also: back, claw, way

claw one's way to the top

Fig. to climb to the most prestigious level of something ruthlessly. He was the type of hard-hitting guy who claws his way to the top. She clawed her way to the top, fighting at every step.
See also: claw, top, way

claw something off someone or something

 and claw something off
to rip or tear something off from someone or something. We saw a guy clawing his burning clothes off himself. He clawed off his burning clothes.
See also: claw, off

one's claws are showing

one is acting catty; one is saying spiteful and cruel things. Gloria: Did you see what she was wearing? I wouldn't be caught dead in it! Sally: Gloria, my dear, your claws are showing.
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claw your way somewhere

to use all your energy and determination to achieve something Little by little, the county is clawing its way out of the damage caused by the flood. She clawed her way to the top of the company.
See also: claw, way

claw your way back from something

if you claw your way back from a bad situation, you succeed in improving your situation again by making a big effort They clawed their way back from almost certain defeat to win by a single point.
See also: back, claw, way

get her claws into somebody

if a woman gets her claws into a man, she manages to start a relationship with him, often because she wants to control him or get something from him If she gets her claws into that young man she'll ruin his political career.
See also: claw, get

get your claws into somebody

to find a way of influencing or controlling someone If the loan company gets its claws into you, you'll still be paying off this debt when you're 50.
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fight tooth and claw/nail

to fight very hard to achieve something (often + to do sth) We fought tooth and nail to retain our share of the business.
See also: and, claw, fight, tooth
References in classic literature ?
Then he drew out the claws of the eagle's feet that had remained in his flesh, and put the peel of one of the golden apples on the wound, and in one moment it was healed and well again.
The horse was still smarting from the sharp claws of the invisible bears, and as soon as he was on land and headed toward the mountain the thought that more of those fearsome creatures might be near acted as a spur and sent him galloping along in a way that made Dorothy catch her breath.
Then she sat down and watched Billina, who was pick-pecking away with her sharp bill in the sand and gravel, which she scratched up and turned over with her strong claws.
That analysis concluded the devil's claw supplements tested contained a cheaper related species that is considered "Tess desirable" than what was listed on labels.
Today the NY AG sent cease-and-desist letters to 13 companies that sell devil's claw herbal dietary supplements informing them that their products containing devil's claw material were tested at the New York Botanical Garden using DNA technology.
Naming the damn thing is hard," Griffin Claw Brewmaster and Director of Operations Dan Rogers said with a laugh while sitting in the taproom of the Birmingham, Mich, facility in late January.
Do not approach claw trimming when your cat is agitated.
The shrimp uses a specially adapted front claw to batter its opponents.
murdered his wife Ridda Zanab, right, Ridda Zanab, right, with a claw hammer with a claw hammer
the bay: it claws then lifts a yellow clawful of rubble.
Just hold the claw in the palm of your hand and smack it with the back of the spoon.
Washington, July 25 ( ANI ): Male guppies grow claws on their genitals to make it harder for unreceptive females to escape while trying to mate with them, a new study has found.
The Eagle Claw was conceived over 10 years ago when inventor Gerald Basden strained his thumb during a golf round.
He also started passing on immature bucks and even let Crab Claw go in 2010 because his right G-3 was broken off.