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clasp (something) to (something)

To press or hold something firmly against something else. Suzy clasped her new doll to her chest. Clasp this icepack to your knee to alleviate the swelling.
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clasp someone or something to something

to hold on to and press someone or something to a part of one's body. He clasped a wad of cloth to the bleeding wound. She clasped the child to her breast and hugged him.
See also: clasp
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According to the MOD, the Bomber Command Clasp is awarded to aircrew who served for at least 60 days and flew at least one operational sortie from a Bomber Command Unit based in the UK between 3 September 1939 to 8 May 1945.
A Military General Service Medal from 1848 with five clasps from Toulouse, Vittoria, Salamanca, Albuhera and Talavera made pounds 1,640 pounds and a Military General Service Medal from 1848 with three clasps fetched pounds 800.
The "North Africa 1942-43" clasp was mostly given to Naval and RAF personnel operating in the area.
CLASP, a citywide program of The New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Queens Borough Public Library, was evaluated by collecting critical incidents from questionnaires completed by 2,416 fifth and seventh grade students to gather their perceptions of encounters with public librarians.
Harvey Weinstein bestowed a courtly clasp to femmes and men alike at the "Kill Bill Vol.
As he walked into the cathedral after having been handed the shepherd's crook from the cathedral's dean, Robert Willis, the new Archbishop of Canterbury kept his right hand on the clasp of his gold silk cope.
For the ADSM, overseas duty, is denoted with a clasp attached to the medal's ribbon.
The 2002 CLASP audioconferences, "Making Welfare Work: Reauthorization 2002," will address legislative and other developments related to the programs that are due to expire this year: the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) welfare program, the Child Care and Development Block Grant, the Food Stamp program and funding for abstinence education.
4) For this current study, the following design variables were evaluated across both the cast and CLASP column technologies using both qualified column suppliers:
In a nearby Mihale chimp community studied about 20 years ago, grooming duos preferred to raise arms and clasp hands, palm-to-palm, as they tidied up one another.
The most conspicuous differences between species involved the intensity of the female's retroflexure and the male's spawning clasp (strong in N.
99, with clasp fasten from Xmas Next Directory, tel: 0345 100 500 (order No M 40174).
OPEN Clasp is a theatre company that reaches people others don't reach - and now founding artistic director Catrina McHugh has been rewarded with an MBE.