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clash of the ash

In the sport of hurling, the sound of opponents' hurleys (long paddle-like sticks, made from ash wood) striking each other, or (by extension) the contest between two hurling teams in general. Primarily heard in Ireland. It was an intense match, and the fierce clash of the ash could be heard ringing through the pitch. Fans are gearing up for spectacular clash of the ash this Saturday afternoon.
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clash against (someone or something)

To fight against someone or something. The two sides have been clashing against each other in the streets for weeks—when will the fighting stop?
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clash with (someone or something)

1. To fight or disagree with someone or something. My house is always full of yelling because my kids clash with each other on everything.
2. To contradict or be in disagreement with something. The governor's new tax plan clashes with his campaign promises. Our idea got rejected because it clashed with the boss's vision for our department.
3. To look visually displeasing when paired or juxtaposed with something, usually as of colors. That eyeshadow totally clashes with her skin tone, unfortunately. We're all wearing pink, so you're definitely going to clash with us if you wear orange.
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clash against something

to wage a battle or attack against someone or something. The troops clashed against the enemy. We clashed against the opposite side for over three days.
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clash (with someone) (over someone or something)

to fight or argue with someone about someone or something. The customer clashed with the pharmacist over the price of the medicine. I clashed over my pay increase with the school principal.

clash with something

[for the color of something] to conflict with or mismatch another color. This red carpet clashes with the purple of the drapes. This red does not clash with purple. It looks gorgeous.
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Earlier, Cabangbang identified the leader of the MILF group that clashed with the government soldiers as Dan Laksaw Asnawi, head of the MILF's 114th Base Command.
a Monji clashed in Saracha Ali Khan area, 3 km to east of Jalalabad City, a member of the provincial who wished not to be named, told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP).
Palestinian factions have repeatedly clashed with Islamist fundamentalist groups inside Ain al-Hilweh such as Jund al-Sham and Osbat al-Ansar.
Houthis and pro-government tribesmen have clashed extensively in recent years.
At Madanchowk in the eastern district of Dhankuta, Maoist supporters clashed with activists of the CPN-UML's sister wing, Youth Force (YF).
The clash comes five days after police and army men clashed in Badghis province which resulted in killing of an ANA soldier.
For weeks, Palestinians have clashed with Israeli troops, but rioting Saturday took a new form: Palestinians and Jewish settlers threw stones and empty bottles at each other, while police forces on both sides tried to restrain them.
A security source in Anbar told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the elements of the sons of the tribes clashed with armed groups belong to ISIS organization in al-Sufiya area east of the city of Ramadi, and led to the killing of three of them and the rest of the group escaped.
Student protests continued on Wednesday, a day after demonstrations at universities across Egypt left dozens injured when supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi clashed with police and other students.
The clerics clashed over who would lead prayers at the camp's mosque.
Official sources informed that the militants of Lashker-e-Islam and TTP clashed at Tabai area of Bazar Zakha Khel, when TTP armed persons reportedly kidnapped an LI man from the Tabai Bazaar area.
Thiruvananthapuram: Scores of parishioners of a Latin Catholic church at Valiyathura in the outskirts of the city clashed with each other and policemen who intervened on Palm Sunday, leaving many injured.
About 50 inmates clashed briefly Wednesday night at the East Facility at the Saugus jail complex Wednesday evening, but no injuries were reported, said Deputy Carrie Stuart.
A security source said to the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that military units clashed with militants this morning in Garmah county / 30 / km east of Falluja.
Following iftar, two Muslim youths clashed with a group of Copts.