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clap back

1. verb To respond to an insult or criticism, sometimes in a vengeful manner. She calmly clapped back at critics by asserting that her weight is none of their business. I'm not proud of it, but I did clap back at the girl who stole my boyfriend by starting a vicious rumor about her.
2. noun A response to an insult or criticism, sometimes in a vengeful manner. I'm not great at the clap back because I get easily flustered by criticism. Her clap back was a vicious rumor targeting the girl that stole her boyfriend.
See also: back, clap

clap eyes on someone or something

to see someone or something, perhaps for the first time; to set eyes on someone or something. I wish she had never clapped eyes on her fiancé. I haven't clapped eyes on a red squirrel for years.
See also: clap, eye, on

clap someone in(to) some place

to shove or push someone into a place, usually jail. Be good or the sheriff will clap you into jail. The cops clapped Max into a cell.
See also: clap, place

clap something on(to) something

to slap or attack something onto something else. The police came and clapped a sign onto the car saying it was abandoned. Do not clap any signs on my fence.
See also: clap, on

clap something out

to clap the rhythmic beat of something in order to learn it. (Said of music.) All right, now. Let's clap the rhythm out. We'll clap out the rhythm in time with our singing.
See also: clap, out

clap something together

to slap two things, usually hands, together so that they make a noise. The boys clapped their hands together whenever a goal was scored. One of the orchestra members clapped two blocks of wood together periodically, making a very loud noise.
See also: clap, together

lay eyes on somebody/something

also set eyes on somebody/something
to see someone or something She did not want to lay eyes on this man ever again. My mother had fallen in love with my father when she first set eyes on him.
See also: eye, lay, on


  (British & Australian informal)
if something, especially a car, is clapped-out, it is in a very bad condition because it is old or has been used a lot He still drives a clapped-out Mini which he bought when he was at college.

lay/set eyes on somebody/something

  (British, American & Australian) also clap eyes on somebody/something (British & Australian)
to see someone or something for the first time I've loved him ever since I first set eyes on him. I wish I'd never clapped eyes on that money.
See also: eye, lay, on

clap eyes on

see under lay eyes on.
See also: clap, eye, on

lay eyes on

Also, clap or set eyes on . Look at, see, as in As soon as I laid eyes on him I knew he would be perfect for the lead in our play, or I'd never set eyes on such a beautiful gown. The first term dates from the early 1200s and the third from the late 1300s; the second, using clap in the sense of "a sudden movement," dates from the first half of the 1800s.
See also: eye, lay, on


n. a case of gonorrhea. (Very old and still in use.) He thinks he got the clap from her.


n. a quiet kind of “patting” applause like that made in golf tournaments. (One had quietly claps against the back of the other hand.) The audience sat there throughout. Not even a little golf clap. I think our act is washed up.


/lay/set (one's) eyes on
To look at.
References in classic literature ?
Then he clapped his hand to the horse's back, and off went nag and Sheriff through the forest glades.
Alan clapped my shoulder, and said I was a brave lad and wanted nothing but a sleep.
It appeared, however, that she had only clapped her hands for joy; for directly afterward she began to laugh, and then to cry; declaring, not in choice Arabic but in familiar English, that she was 'so glad, she didn't know what to do.
The MPs clapped on at least three separate occasions during SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson's response to the Queen's Speech before Mr Bercow stepped in.
And Pardew - who still clapped the supporters after the 1-0 loss to Stoke despite enduring grief from the away section - said: "I'm out there, I'm fighting for the team, I want us to win.
Pardew spent Monday's 90 minutes listening to Newcastle supporters calling for his head yet he still clapped them at the final whistle.
I couldn't help but cry when the cast turned and clapped the audience.
It took the magic off the symphony and spoiled an afternoon''s concert for many, perhaps the person or persons who clapped would keep their hands in their pockets next time until Vasily Petrenko has put his baton down and is given time to turn to the audience.
The entire last lap, the entire crowd clapped in rhythm.
I told him they clapped because the team gave an honest account.
Following the debate on landfill sites, interested members of the public cheered and clapped.
Brian clapped his hands and whistled loudly to make him stop.
The students will have to first identify which meter was clapped and then notate the pattern on their work mat, using the M&Ms and pretzels.
One pattern I watched, clapped to the four-beats-to-a-bar tune, was a six-beat pattern where the first clap, an introduction to the main pattern, was clapped with hands held with palms horizontal to the ground, left hand facing down, right hand facing up.