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clamp down on (someone or something)

1. Literally, to press down on something firmly. When the dog's teeth clamped down on my leg, I'd never felt so much pain in my life. Now clamp down on this surface so that you don't lose your grip while drilling.
2. To limit, reduce, bring under tighter control. My parents really clamped down on me after seeing my report card, so my curfew is only 9 PM now. We really need to clamp down on spending before our department loses funding altogether. The cops are trying to clamp down on speeding on this stretch, so you should slow down.
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clamp (something) on(to) (something)

To attach something to another object or surface. First, you need to clamp that tool onto the table.
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clamp down (on someone or something)

to become strict with someone; to become strict about something. Because Bob's grades were getting worse, his parents clamped down on him. The police have clamped down on speeders in this town.
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clamp something on(to) something

 and clamp something on
to press or squeeze something onto something else. Clamp this board onto the workbench. Clear a place near the edge of the table, and then clamp on the meat grinder.
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put the clamps on someone or something

 and put the clamps on
Sl. to impede or block someone or something; to restrain or restrict someone. Fred had to put the clamps on Tony, who was rushing his work too much. Tony is getting a little anxious. Time to put on the clamps.
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clamp down on something

to act to stop or limit something Police here have finally clamped down on speeding.
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clamp down on

Also, put the clamps on. Become stricter or more repressive; put a stop to. For example, The company was clamping down on expenses like business lunches, or It's time we put the clamps on polluters. [Mid-1900s]
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clamp down

1. To press down tightly on something: Clamp down the pipe securely before you try to drill a hole in it. I glued the strip of wood to the surface and clamped it down while it dried.
2. To prevent or regulate something with increased strictness: The cartel clamped down on oil production in order to raise prices.
3. To punish or repress someone or something with increased strictness: The government plans to clamp down on tax fraud with tough new laws. Crime began to increase, so the police started clamping down.
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put the clamps on someone/something

and put the clamps on
tv. to impede or block someone or something; to restrain or restrict someone. Fred had to put the clamps on Tony, who was rushing his work too much.
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put the clamps on

See also: clamp, on, put
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A reduced clamping force is therefore set and controlled accordingly.
Standard features: Twin clamping cylinders, NC9300T control; two ejectors operate independently for cycle-time savings.
The use of oxytocics to reduce blood loss is not affected by delayed clamping and the combination is beneficial to mother and baby.
The intensified clamping pressure means that the safety system cannot be released simply by reapplying pressure to the plunger.
Two months later, 88 percent of children whose cord had been immediately clamped had signs of early onset iron deficiency anemia-almost twice as many as in either of the delayed clamping groups, reports Perez-Escamilla.
The company carried out exhaustive market research and finally decided in favor of the M-Tecs series of magnetic clamping plates produced by Hilma, which reduced the mold clamping and unclamping times to five minutes.
The standard structure of modular clamping system is defined by part list.
Pertinent Data: The spring-based mechanical clamping system supports an air boost that increases clamping force by 30% over spring retention alone.
According to Enerpac, its electromagnetic clamping system can be mounted to any existing molding machine, reducing mold change time and thus improving productivity.
As with the problems associated with sand fill and compaction, the question of clamping is subject to individual foundry testing to determine its own requirements.
Standard features: CDC-2000 controller, 5-point twin toggle mechanism in clamping unit, PED barrel temperature control.
The D 957 Hydro-Balance clamping system, described in this two-page bulletin, is based on a two platen clamping system.
In order to enable manufacture of lightest possible fuselage parts without any loss of quality Witte Bleckede and Airbus Nordenham have developed a special fixture for clamping pre-formed aluminum sheets during machining
These clamps exert a clamping force ranging from 20 lb to 160 lb without deforming delicate parts.
Why you should care: The Shrink-Master quickly shrinks or un-shrinks carbide and high strength steel tools in specially designed clamping chucks.