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clamor against someone or something

to raise a great outcry against someone or something. The protestors clamored against the mayor. The citizens clamored against the new taxes.
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clamor for someone or something

to raise a great outcry for someone or something. Everyone was clamoring for Mark. They just loved him. The children were clamoring for ice cream.
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If the public clamored for the president to have a wife, it also expected her influence to remain within the sphere of traditional women's work.
Once she began wearing her new invention to work, Marquardt's co-workers clamored for their own Pony scrub hats, and she began spending her weekends sewing new hats from her own collection of fabrics.
In fact, the department store, among the most clamored for by Santa Clarita residents, is already here - although under a different guise.
Peter's colorful collage of birds, animals, and quiltlike patterns also clamored for the audience's attention.
Advertisers from a wide range of industries clamored to get into this year's 'Best Doctors,'" said Larry Burstein, publisher of NEW YORK Magazine.
Television production companies have clamored for their story.
Ever since the film's initial release in 1993, fans have clamored for merchandise.
Indeed, thousands clamored to line the route of the pope's parade, some climbing trees or perching on office windows.
Radio stations across the country clamored to play the track, based on listeners' requests to hear it again and again.
Retailers have accepted the need for, and have clamored for simple, feature-rich, and yet affordable systems to support the Merchant's need for information and planning.