clamber up

clamber up (something)

to climb up something, especially in a particular way. The wall climbers clambered up the wall quickly. Tricia clambered up the ladder and cautiously went down again.
See also: clamber, up
References in classic literature ?
All he wanted to do was to make a big circle uphill and get at the head of the ravine, and then take the bulls down it and catch Shere Khan between the bulls and the cows; for he knew that after a meal and a full drink Shere Khan would not be in any condition to fight or to clamber up the sides of the ravine.
To clamber up that slim shaft without dragging Ja down and precipitating both to the same doom from which the copper-colored one was attempting to save me seemed utterly impossible, and as I came near the spear I told Ja so, and that I could not risk him to try to save myself.
After wringing their hands and rushing to and fro as if they were stark mad, one mounted on the shoulders of his brother, and tried to clamber up the face of the high wall, guarded at the top with spikes and points of iron.
You'll need to clamber up, Jack And The Beanstalk-style, to your craft, solving simple platforming puzzles and connecting floating islands to build a path for yourself.
Then you had to clamber up eight feet of limestone that reared into the wood.
Clockwise from above: Hundreds of hands reach for the ball; one youngster is carried unconscious from the fray; a girl clambers over the lads; putting the boot in; marshals help the ball holder; players fall to the ground; others clamber up to get a better view ; LB050208ball-2; LB050208ball-3; LB050208ball-6; DS050208BALL8; LB050208ball-9; LB050208ball-7; DS050208BALL9
Kids could clamber up a rock-climbing wall, get up close with butterflies and other insects in the Bug House, have their faces painted, crawl through a giant crocodile, learn about small animals and reptiles and meet stars of the Animal Planet television network, including Jeff Corwin of ``Corwin's Quest.
It consists of two giant linked conservatories (biomes) which clamber up the crags on the northern side of the pit.
In Colonna di asini (Donkey column, 1996), small donkeys clamber up a vertical pole almost five meters tall, at the apex of which stands another donkey covered in gold paint.
Revelers before the deluge, they clamber up ladders; creep, roach-like, along planks; stagger into crates; drink with the greed of junkies.
He walked in and said he had managed to swim out through the window of the car and clamber up the river bank.
Residential districts clamber up the edges of the city bowl, grouped around the central business gridiron.