clamber onto

clamber onto (something)

To climb onto something in a lumbering or uncoordinated manner. The bus swayed as the boys clambered onto it, whooping and laughing.
See also: clamber

clamber onto something

 and clamber in (to something); clamber on
to climb onto something clumsily. The kids clambered onto the tractor and tried to start it. The wagon stopped and the kids clambered on. All the campers clambered into the bus.
See also: clamber
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FIREFIGHTERS had to clamber onto a factory roof after sparks from machinery were found smouldering in the roof beams.
Instead, you're now able to use parkour skills to clamber onto roofs, out of reach of most of the shambling foes.
No, not the Dry January one - I was No, not the Dry January one - I was never on that, that other one everyone never on that, that other one everyone seems to try to clamber onto at this time seems to try to clamber onto at this time of year, the exercise bandwagon.
For some reason, the Government doesn't see any contradiction in their attempts to get people onto the property ladder and heavily taxing them as they clamber onto the first rung.
Initally 15th for the start, Mercedes announced the gearbox change and subsequent penalty on Sunday morning ahead of the race, leaving him down in 20th and with a mountain to climb to even clamber onto the podium.
They had managed to clamber onto rocks and coral reefs and were saved in a dramatic rescue.
ML Beaton Albert Crescent, Penarth Saturday Afternoon At The Big Weekend Saturday afternoon at the Big Weekend: Kids clamber onto the carousel, Many scream on invigorating rides.
To make matters worse, mischievous youths have started to use scaffolding, erected weeks ago for roof repairs, to clamber onto the roofs of the bungalows during the night.
Some had to clamber onto neighbours' roofs to direct jets of water at the flames.
Fans clamber onto the Lady Godiva clock in Broadgate to get the best view
This Oscar-winning documentary tracks Emperor Penguins in their thousands as they abandon their deep ocean home and clamber onto the frozen ice to begin their trek over 100 kilometres and into a region so bleak, so extreme, it supports no other wildlife at that time of year.
As their vehicle sank, the terrified girls had to climb out of a window and clamber onto the roof to await rescue.
Cut to neighboring dock, where Luke and Laura, reunited again, clamber onto a third boat.