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clamber onto (something)

To climb onto something in a lumbering or uncoordinated manner. The bus swayed as the boys clambered onto it, whooping and laughing.
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clamber up (something)

To climb something. Everyone else was able to clamber up the rope in gym class, but I struggled, thanks to my scrawny arms.
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clamber onto something

 and clamber in (to something); clamber on
to climb onto something clumsily. The kids clambered onto the tractor and tried to start it. The wagon stopped and the kids clambered on. All the campers clambered into the bus.
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clamber up (something)

to climb up something, especially in a particular way. The wall climbers clambered up the wall quickly. Tricia clambered up the ladder and cautiously went down again.
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Providing ancillary services to the pilot r & d to clamber biorefinery plant project, "castilla-la mancha region bio economy", financed with feder funds.
Oliver Dudley, part of the GBRow team, explained how they saw Mr O'Shaughnessy make a controlled landing in relatively flat sea and clamber from the cockpit onto the wing.
Contract notice: Execution of the works of building a warehouse and offices for r & d pilot to clamber on biorefinery project bio economy castilla la mancha region[beaucoup plus grand que] plant, financed with feder funds.
But they were stunned when, rather than running away from the vessel, the bear tried to clamber onto the bow.
CHARITY rowers who videoed a dramatic crash landing in the Irish Sea spoke of their amazement at seeing the pilot clamber from the wreckage.
RYAN Sidebottom admits players would clamber over each other to feature in England's proposed pounds 10million winner-takes-all Twenty20 match.
Clockwise from above: Hundreds of hands reach for the ball; one youngster is carried unconscious from the fray; a girl clambers over the lads; putting the boot in; marshals help the ball holder; players fall to the ground; others clamber up to get a better view ; LB050208ball-2; LB050208ball-3; LB050208ball-6; DS050208BALL8; LB050208ball-9; LB050208ball-7; DS050208BALL9
The 7ft 1ins Valuev lost his title and his unbeaten record when he lost to Ruslan Chagaev in April, but insists he will soon clamber back to the top of his sport.
Prior Information Notice: Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment unit hydrolysis pilot r & d for clamber biorefinery project "castilla-la mancha region bio economy", co-financed by erdf (technology fund) ground.
They will be collecting money at open days this week, giving the public the chance to clamber aboard armoured vehicles and camouflage their faces with war paint.
These Z-scapes are nice to walk around and would be fun to clamber over, but could one crash out on them?
Contract notice: supply of mid-stream and down-stream units pilot r & d for clamber biorefinery project castilla-la mancha region bio economy co-financed by 80% by erdf (technology fund) ground.
Martin, who amazingly has a fear of heights, had to get his wife to clamber up and help him down.
Firefighters had to clamber into an industrial oven last night to put out a blaze.
The pair managed to clamber onto man-made sea defences as the tide began sweeping in but could not get to shore.