Civility costs nothing

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Civility costs nothing.

 and Courtesy costs nothing.
Prov. It never hurts you to be polite. Always greet people politely, no matter what you think of them. Civility costs nothing. Why not write Mildred a thank-you note? Courtesy costs nothing.
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Not only does civility make for a more agreeable workplace, but it can also make a workplace feel more stable and secure.
To learn more about Endurance's web civility mission, visit: endurance.
The DCAs join 42 South Florida voluntary bar associations and eight chief judges who have signed on in support of the Joint Civility Project, known for its signature "Got Civility?
The purpose of this article is to share information on the topic of civility and to propel RNs and NPs forward into embracing strategies for creating a culture of civility in healthcare, and therefore improving professionalism in nursing.
The 22 essays in this collection were originally presentations given during the conference on Civility and Democracy in America held in Spokane, Washington in March 2011.
Twenty-five student nurses completed the Ways of Coping Questionnaire and participated in interviews; 10 participated in the intervention, a journal club focused on civility in nursing.
In order to regain our civility and help others regain theirs, an online community of women band together in order to honor the human spirit.
Many Seattle residents (71 percent) believe that the general tone and level of civility is a problem where they live, with 21 percent saying it is a major problem.
Release date- 16082012 - Allegheny College, one of the nation's oldest liberal arts colleges, announced today that it is accepting nominations for the 2013 Allegheny College Prize for Civility in Public Life.
Less familiar is civility, often practiced haphazardly, sporadically, and unintentionally, if at all.
Perrault for a series of racially motivated comments, including an alleged slur directed at Red Sox player Carl Crawford, contains important lessons on civility and language.
To opposing parties and their counsel, I pledge fairness, integrity, and civility, not only in court, but also in all written and oral communications.
As I dissect the layers of dysfunction, the lack of civility and attitudes associated with civility seem to be the core of many of the problems we are experiencing.
From Civility in America: Essays from America's Thought Leaders.
Imagine my disappointment at having my plea for civility returned with a pie in the face.