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sanctuary city

A US city that protects undocumented immigrants through limited involvement or cooperation with federal immigration regulations or authorities. Primarily heard in US. That new immigration law threatens to jeopardize sanctuary cities.
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(you) can't fight city hall

You cannot defeat or prevail over a bureaucratic system or its rules. You might as well pay those parking tickets now because you'll never win in court. You can't fight city hall, after all.
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cardboard city

An area heavily populated by homeless people (who sometimes use cardboard for warmth or makeshift shelter). Our local government does little to help the cardboard city, and it just keeps growing in size.
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city slicker

A derisive term for a city dweller who is assumed to be (or actually is) completely ignorant of life in a rural setting, and/or suave and deceptive. Look at that fool city slicker—he has no idea how to get that horse to listen to him. Don't let that city slicker con you out of all your hard-earned money!
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city slicker

someone from the city who is not familiar with country ways. Them city slickers think we're stupid just because we talk different. The city slicker didn't know the first thing about fishing for trout.
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(You) can't fight city hall.

Fig. There is no way to win in a battle against a bureaucracy. Bill: I guess I'll go ahead and pay the tax bill. Bob: Might as well. You can't fight city hall. Mary: How did things go at your meeting with the zoning board? Sally: I gave up. Can't fight city hall.
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can't fight City Hall

Unable to overcome bureaucratic rules, as in Brad couldn't get a permit without going through channels-you can't fight City Hall! This term transfers the seat of city government to a more general sense of bureaucracy in any sphere. [Mid-1800s]
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fat city

Also, Fat City. A condition or circumstance marked by considerable prosperity or having a superior advantage. For example, With that new job she'll be in fat city. [Slang; 1960s] Also see easy street.
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the Eternal City

a name for the city of Rome.
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marble orchard

a cemetery. informal humorous
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Barf City

n. someone or something disgusting or undesirable. (Barf = vomit.) The guy is so gross! Just plain Barf City!
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cement city

n. a cemetery. I’m too young to end up in cement city.
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fat city

1. n. a state of wealth and comfort; easy street. She’s living in fat city ever since she inherited her fortune.
2. n. fatness (expressed as a place). I’ve had it with fat city. I’m going on a diet.
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Headstone City

n. a cemetery. Our house is just one block after the large Headstone City on the left.
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marble orchard

and Marble City
n. a cemetery. I already bought a little plot in a marble orchard. There is a huge Marble City south of town.
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Marble City

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You can’t fight city hall

sent. You cannot fight a bureaucracy. You can’t fight city hall. Pay the parking ticket and forget it.
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go fight city hall

The futility of challenging entrenched politicians or establishment. Although sounding like a call to action, the phrase means that any effort to succeed against bureaucracy is doomed to failure. It was popularized, although not coined, in the book Go Fight City Hall by Ethel Rosenberg, who with her husband Julius was later executed after being convicted of spying for Russia.
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References in classic literature ?
Mass together all the telephones of London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffleld, Bristol, and Belfast, and there will even then be barely as many as are carrying the conversations of this one American city.
She came close up to him and said, "Dear brother, I see you are hard pressed by Achilles who is chasing you at full speed round the city of Priam, let us await his onset and stand on our defence.
I promise myself great pleasure in informing him of it when we reach the Celestial City.
So he is," said the green man, "and he rules the Emerald City wisely and well.
And I outdid myself that day to impress the fact upon the natives of Kaol, for I wished to win a way into their hearts--and their city.
A portion of the city is pretty exclusively Turkish; the Jews have a quarter to themselves; the Franks another quarter; so, also, with the Armenians.
You see the three towers of the three mosques that are the only ones left standing of a great number-- the city has indeed fallen from its ancient splendor
But in the head of the Prince Karl Albert were the vapours of romance: he was a conqueror, and this was the enemy's city.
That Asiatic city of the innumerable churches, holy Moscow
That he was within the boundary of Torquas, Carthoris was sure, but that there existed there such a wondrous city he never had dreamed, nor had the chronicles of the past even hinted at such a possibility, for the Torquasians were known to live, as did the other green men of Mars, within the deserted cities that dotted the dying planet, nor ever had any green horde built so much as a single edifice, other than the low-walled incubators where their young are hatched by the sun's heat.
The Emerald City is built all of beautiful marbles in which are set a profusion of emeralds, every one exquisitely cut and of very great size.
The Army of Revolt only awaits my coming to march upon the Emerald City.
In another hour," said the Shaggy Man, "we shall come in sight of the walls of the Royal City.
In the open space between the forest and the city walls, quantities of garden stuff was growing, while before him at his feet, in an open man-made ditch, ran a stream of water
Assured that there was none within sight to apprehend him he stepped through the gateway into the city.