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second-class citizen

One who is deemed less important than others within a society. The waitress was so rude to me that I started feeling like a second-class citizen. We live in this neighborhood, too, and we should be allowed to voice our opinions, instead of being ignored like second-class citizens!
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second class

1. Inferior; see second best.
2. Travel accommodations ranking below the highest or first class, as in Traveling second class on European trains is not only cheaper but gives you more contact with local people . [c. 1840]
3. In the United States and Canada, a category of mail consisting of periodicals and newspapers. [c. 1870]
4. second-class citizen. An individual regarded or treated as inferior to others in status or rights, an underprivileged person. For example, In many countries women still are considered second-class citizens. This term uses second class in the sense of "inferior." [c. 1940]
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citizen of the world

a person who is at home in any country.
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Joe Citizen

(ˈdʒo ˈsɪtəsnæ)
n. a general term for a male representative of the public. Joe Citizen hasn’t spoken yet! Watch the results of the election.
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Through such citizenly activity, Tocqueville believed, Americans expressed and sustained their civil freedom, accomplished an enormouse range of tasks, and, most important, developed fully as rooted, connected human beings.
Second, we must seek to restore the intellectual and cultural legitimacy of citizenly common sense as a way of understanding and solving problems.
And the overall impression--which is sometimes shaded with republican sentiments regarding the inculcation of citizenly virtue--is that the university functions as an institutional space for the free inquiry which is the lifeblood of liberal political and social arrangements.
But, he added, the sheer volume of scrap used (iron foundries in the first two months of this year processed over two million tons of scrap) combined with an environmentally aware citizenly and several instances of radioactive metals accidentally used in production operations have focused attention on the problem.
Challenges the moralism of much of the analysis of ethical consumption, which sees it as a retreat from proper citizenly politics and an expression of individualised consumerism
Citizenly 'subject positions' are temporary respites in ongoing confrontations over the meaning of citizenship and the virtues each subject position mobilises are provisional.
In the private sphere, parental obligations should be acknowledged as ethically grounded civic obligations and attempts to encourage 'responsible personal lifestyle decisions' have citizenly characteristics.