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circulate among someone or something

to move at random within a gathering of people or things. Karen circulated among the guests, serving drinks. The guests circulated among the various rooms in the house.
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circulate something through something

to route something through something; to make something travel through something. Walter circulated the memo from the boss through the department. I would like for you to circulate this through the members of the club.
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circulate through something

1. Lit. [for a fluid in a closed system of pipes or tubes] to flow through the various pathways of pipes and tubes. Cold water circulates through the entire building and keeps it cool. Blood circulates through the veins and arteries, reaching all parts of the body.
2. Fig. to move through a group of people or an area, from person to person. Rumors circulated through the department about Tom's retirement. Please circulate through the room and hand out these papers to each person.
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The study subject was Principle and Function of Surgery Technician as Circulator course, and compiling and determining its headings.
3-Port Leads in Fiber Optic Circulator Value - In terms of worldwide consumption value, the 3-Port fiber optic circulators held an 80% market share in 2013.
Riders transferring to the Circulator will pay 50-cent fares.
In the production cluster, four heat production units are installed, and for every unit a circulator is fixed, which compensates for the pressure drop in the local branch.
The group said Reactor 1 at the nuclear power station was taken out of service yesterday to investigate vibrations on one of the gas circulators, which cool the reactors.
Examination of the properties and adjustments of the 3-port junction circulator and focus on the gyromagnetic resonator
Tenders are invited for Wall Mounting Air Circulator Fan Of Sweep Size 450 Mm Suitable For Operation On Ac, 50 Hz, 230 Volts Supply Mains.
com)-- Fulfilling an industry need for a more efficient and versatile water circulator, IMS Company announces the IMS Hydra Water Cooled Circulator.
12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Anova's Immersion Circulator, the fastest growing sous vide brand in the United States, announced today that it will now make units available to the international market.
One circulator told voters they needed to sign in three different places if they supported the issue, in reality, they were unwittingly signing three separate petitions.
Each time a circulator is hired to carry petitions for an initiative, its chief petitioner must fill out a form and send it to the Elections Division.
A positive/negative pressure circulator can also stop line leaks.
Working in conjunction with air conditioning or window breezes, air first travels into the back of the circulator and is directed to the center of the system's blade via the inlet guide cone.