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circulate among someone or something

to move at random within a gathering of people or things. Karen circulated among the guests, serving drinks. The guests circulated among the various rooms in the house.
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circulate something through something

to route something through something; to make something travel through something. Walter circulated the memo from the boss through the department. I would like for you to circulate this through the members of the club.
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circulate through something

1. Lit. [for a fluid in a closed system of pipes or tubes] to flow through the various pathways of pipes and tubes. Cold water circulates through the entire building and keeps it cool. Blood circulates through the veins and arteries, reaching all parts of the body.
2. Fig. to move through a group of people or an area, from person to person. Rumors circulated through the department about Tom's retirement. Please circulate through the room and hand out these papers to each person.
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Published by Impulsora de Periodismo, Unomasuno circulates 48,000 copies daily.
Instead, information circulates as light pulses through optical fiber loops.
But they found that only about two to six fetal cells, such as immature red blood cells and immune cells, circulate in every milliliter of maternal blood.
She and other researchers have identified several different types of fetal cells, such as immature red blood cells and stem cells, that circulate along with placental cells in a mother's bloodstream.
The central system then circulates cool water from this indoor tank until it becomes sufficiently warmed to permit sending it outdoors again to the heat exchanger.
This new system works like your own blood circulation system and circulates warm liquid to your fingertips.
These systems can also utilize the energy from the sun to pre-heat the water that circulates throughout the floors.
ZADAXIN is a pure synthetic preparation of thymosin alpha 1, a substance which circulates in the blood naturally and is instrumental in the body's immune response to fight viral infections and certain cancers.
The results suggest that in the early stages of an influenza A pandemic, mutations that occur during replication de not become fixed so that a uniform "consensus" strain circulates for some time.
In a process that normally helps the body get rid of viruses, an immune system protein--part of the so-called complement system--coats HIV's surface when it circulates in the bloodstream.
The opposite happens in the winter: water circulates in the panel during the day, stores in a 300-gallon tank (which also preheats domestic hot water), and circulates in pipes to heat the slab.
It circulates a non-toxic fluid that reportedly removes rust, scale, and lime from equipment and molds.
As LDL cholesterol (the so-called "bad" cholesterol) circulates in the blood stream, it will occasionally penetrate the lining of the artery and occupy space within the arterial wall.
When light of just the right wavelength travels down a narrow waveguide (in effect, a wire for photons) close to the resonator, it leaks into the resonator, where it circulates.