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In designing Arctic Circler Balloon, we had three mission-critical objectives that we felt had to be achieved if this, or any AF product, were to have clinical success.
With an average of 4 cryo-applications per vein, the initial AF study case resulted in all four pulmonary veins isolated with the Arctic Circler catheter alone.
Freezor and Arctic Circler will complement the Company's existing electrophysiology and interventional cardiology franchises.
Arctic Circler Balloon chronic results hit 81% success rate -
These results, in conjunction with our recently announced Arctic Circler Balloon data, indicate the strength of the "tool box" strategy and its utility in the safe and effective treatment of AF," said Steven G.
The Company also prepared for a human study in Europe with a second catheter to treat AF, Arctic Circler Balloon, and continued to develop FrostByte, a surgical probe to treat cardiac arrhythmia.
the global leader in cryotherapy products to treat cardiovascular disease, today announced that the first thirteen patients in a human feasibility study using the Company's proprietary Arctic Circler Balloon catheter to treat Atrial Fibrillation (AF) has been successfully completed.
The presentation included data from 15 AF patients treated with Arctic Circler and Freezor(R) Xtra during the same procedure.
One centre in Europe that has employed a toolbox approach to treating AF (Arctic Circler to make circumferential lesions and Freezor(R) Xtra to touch up any gaps) has experienced a 100% success rate in isolating 73 pulmonary veins.
Arctic Circler, approved in Europe, has had a successful commercial launch with an excellent safety profile (including no PV stenosis and no adverse events) and success in curing AF.