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all talk and no cider

All talk and no action. Full of strong words, promises, or intentions, but failing either to act on those words or to achieve results. He keeps threatening to quit if he doesn't get a raise, but I think he's all talk and no cider, considering how long he's been here.
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hard liquor

Any distilled alcoholic beverage, such as whiskey, vodka, gin, etc. "Hard" here is a reference to the higher percentage of alcohol in comparison to wine or beer. Primarily heard in US, Canada. I've learned to steer clear of hard liquor if I want to avoid a hangover the next day!
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all talk (and no action)

Much discussion but no action or results, as in Don't count on Mary's help-she's all talk, or Dave has been saying for months that he'll get a summer job, but he's all talk and no action . This idiom may have begun life as all talk and no cider, which Washington Irving cited as an American proverb in Salmagundi (1807). However, similar sayings antedate it by many years-for example, "The greatest talkers are always the least doers" (John Ray, English Proverbs, 1670).
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hard liquor

Distilled alcoholic beverages, such as gin or whiskey. For example, We're serving wine and beer but no hard liquor. The hard here refers to their high alcoholic content, which is also true for hard cider, although the latter is not distilled but has simply fermented.
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hard liquor

n. potent liquor such as whiskey, gin, rum, etc. Stay off of hard liquor until your stomach feels better.
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The company has already benefited from the growth trajectory that cider has been on in recent years.
Our cider house gives cider drinkers as much choice as their craft beer counterparts are now regularly getting.
Also we saw a gap in the market with many great cask ale bars available in Birmingham but few selling more than a couple of ciders.
If cider were a beer style, it would be the number-two, most-popular style next to IPA," Kuhl says.
The proposal is to impose a tax bill of up to PS2,700 on small cider producers selling less that PS10,000 of cider a year.
The joint medal for cider in the competition went to White Jersey, made by the Orgasmic Cider Company, of Hereford, and Janet's Jungle Juice, made by West Croft Cider, of Somerset.
And it's interesting to meet American craft cider-makers and see how they're manufacturing and what they're trying with their ciders.
Still, with all of cider's history and the recent uptick in sales, cider still is not a go-to drink for most people.
Cider is made from apples or pears that are crushed to press out the juice which ferments spontaneously.
CJ's, a few miles away in Usk, won silver for its cider while Gwynt y Ddraig, of Llantwit Fardre, Pontypridd, won silver in the perry section and Raglan Cider Mill in Monmouthshire won bronze.
Judges at the championships sampled 75 Welsh ciders and perrys from 21 Welsh producers, scoring a variety of Welsh pure juice cider producers as winners on the day, with local cider maker Gethin's Cyder from Haverfordwest securing the Champion Cider Award, along with the Silver Dry Draught Cider and Gold and Silver Medium Draught Cider.
The biggest obstacle to cider exporters was lack of category understanding in countries like the US, said C&C boss John Dunsmore.
CIDER lovers in America have been toasting in the New Year with a glass of Hogan's after a successful export deal saw the Warwickshire firm ship the bottled product across the pond.