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bum chum

vulgar slang A derogatory term for a homosexual man's boyfriend or partner.
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chum up

To be friendly with someone. Why is Patrick chumming up to me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
See also: chum, up

chum up to someone

to try or seem to become friendly with someone. Todd chummed up to Martin. I don't want to have to chum up to anyone I don't want to work with.
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chum up with someone

to become friendly with someone. He seems to have chummed up with Fred. Juan quickly chummed up with all the guys in his class.
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bosom chums

and bosom friends
n. lice. The old guy sat there scratching at his bosom chums. My bosom friends keep me awake all night.
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n. a pal; a good friend. We’ve been chums for years. Went to college together.
References in classic literature ?
You'll be chummed on somebody to-morrow, and then you'll be all snug and comfortable.
The first time I live chummed offshore I had my angler standing beside me with a fly in the water waiting for a fish to cast at, only to have a 15-pound bonito make an arrival that just about ripped the rod out of his hand.
They can be seen crashing on chummed sardines 150 yards away from the boat - huge yellowfin tuna larger than anything on board.
Anchovy scales littered the deck - and the backsides of the anglers - as he chummed the bait fish in the baking sun.