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bum chum

vulgar slang A derogatory term for a homosexual man's boyfriend or partner.
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chum up

To be friendly with someone. Why is Patrick chumming up to me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
See also: chum, up

chum up to someone

to try or seem to become friendly with someone. Todd chummed up to Martin. I don't want to have to chum up to anyone I don't want to work with.
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chum up with someone

to become friendly with someone. He seems to have chummed up with Fred. Juan quickly chummed up with all the guys in his class.
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bosom chums

and bosom friends
n. lice. The old guy sat there scratching at his bosom chums. My bosom friends keep me awake all night.
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n. a pal; a good friend. We’ve been chums for years. Went to college together.
References in classic literature ?
They never stopped long where there were houses; they had no wife, no chick, no home, never a chum.
She had even grown used to noticing Anna joggle the reluctant Jimmy with her elbow as a signal for him to invite her chum to walk over his feet through a two-step.
Anna and Maggie worked side by side in the factory, and were the greatest chums ever.
What a queer chum for Tom Brown," was the comment at the fire; and it must be confessed so thought Tom himself, as he lighted his candle, and surveyed the new green-baize curtains and the carpet and sofa with much satisfaction.
Some of the small boys of Number 4 communicated the new state of things to their chums, and in several other rooms the poor little fellows tried it on--in one instance or so, where the prepostor heard of it and interfered very decidedly, with partial success; but in the rest, after a short struggle, the confessors were bullied or laughed down, and the old state of things went on for some time longer.
One-third of the men in the government, the older men, had been friends of his father's, and had known him in petticoats; another third were his intimate chums, and the remainder were friendly acquaintances.
Jukes to his chum in the Western ocean trade, out of the fulness of his heart and the liveliness of his fancy.
After this introductory preface, the three chums informed Mr.
While you're visiting the Zoo, don't forget to participate in the Chomper Chums Champions Scavenger Hunt, where you can enter to win a behind-the-scenes experience with one of the Zoo's amazing animals," said Bramson.
This chap came from York," my chum said, "so I knew he wouldn't be cheap.
I instruct my clients to cast their lines in a straight line with the chum and channel and not across the channel.
Having made the strategic decision to enter the Canadian market, Laing O'Rourke is delighted that the CHUM Collectif has reached financial close on this prestigious project.
net as interviewing Eric Robles -- the creator and co-executive producer of the Nickelodeon original animated television series Fanboy & Chum Chum.
Chum and pink salmon are released into the ocean as tiny fry.