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bum chum

vulgar slang A derogatory term for a homosexual man's boyfriend or partner.
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chum up

To be friendly with someone. Why is Patrick chumming up to me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
See also: chum, up

chum up to (one)

To be friendly with someone Why is Patrick chumming up to me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
See also: chum, up

chum up with (one)

To be friendly with someone Why is Patrick chumming up with me all of a sudden? He's usually so distant.
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bosom chum

1. One's close or closest friend; a friend one holds dear to one's heart. We grew up right next door to each other, so we have been bosom chums since we were kids.
2. Lice on one's body. Ugh, I'm so itchy—I really hope my bosom chums aren't back.
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chum up to someone

to try or seem to become friendly with someone. Todd chummed up to Martin. I don't want to have to chum up to anyone I don't want to work with.
See also: chum, up

chum up with someone

to become friendly with someone. He seems to have chummed up with Fred. Juan quickly chummed up with all the guys in his class.
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bosom chums

and bosom friends
n. lice. The old guy sat there scratching at his bosom chums. My bosom friends keep me awake all night.
See also: bosom, chum


n. a pal; a good friend. We’ve been chums for years. Went to college together.
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With the support of committed partners like Quebecor, CHUM can fulfill its mission of achieving excellence in patient care, research and teaching, to better cure diseases and improve the health of Quebecers.
On Saturday, vendors will arrive at the Cotton Bowl at 10am and not leave until well after midnight, when stalls once loaded with chum chum and biryani have been completely emptied of their goods.
At 3 million square feet, the CHUM represents one of the largest healthcare construction projects in North America, with 15 inpatient departments and 40 specialty outpatient clinics that had to be planned and designed across five buildings on the new campus--from emergency, imaging, and surgery to a mother/baby unit, blood bank, and one of the largest radiation oncology treatment centers in Canada.
During their marine life, chum salmon from Oregon to the Alaska Peninsula are found primarily in the Alaska Gyre of the eastern North Pacific Ocean (Myers et al.
Ferguson slings chum using a plastic wiffleball bat that has the hole on the handle-end plugged with silicone and the fat end cut off 1 inch from the tip.
6% of revenue, which CHUM has met or bettered in most of the past six
The concept for Fanboy & Chum Chum is simple: two wide-eyed kids waddle and venture through their childhood with the aid of comic books, television, action figures, and a whole lot of imagination.
It's gone from there to incubating 62 million chum eggs, 5 million chinook eggs and several hundred thousand coho," said Lon Garrison, NSRAA's director of operations.
Chum was a life member of the Templeton Fish and Game Club and was a member of the Lt.
IN December Year 4 adopted a donkey called Chum from the Wildlife Care Centre in Ulgham.
The first book from the Sharks on Wounded Fish series, Chum Water provides personal insight into a life-changing recovery from traumatic cervical spinal-cord injury (SCI) and complete paralysis.
City-tv building also houses 13 of the 21 Chum pay channels that CTV globemedia is picking up as part of the deal.
Chum is being recognized for is lifetime contributions in the development of polymer materials science and the use of materials science to guide and speed up the development of new plastic products and applications.
To assess the impact of a British Columbian salmon farm that harbors sea lice, researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton examined juvenile wild pink and chum salmon at points along migration corridors that pass close to the farm.
In Bonnie Farmer's ABC: Letters In The Library, childeren ages 2 to 7 will enjoy the cheerfully colorful illustrations of Chum McLeod as they explore the alphabet, narrated in sentences with library themes: "A: Aisles of authors are arranged alphabetically / B: Beautiful books dazzle browsing bookworms / C: Humming computers collect countless call numbers".