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chuckle about (someone or something)

To laugh about someone or something. I was still chuckling about that scene in the movie the next day. Are you guys chuckling about how I just tripped up the steps?
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chuckle with (a particular quality)

To laugh in a particular manner. I couldn't help but chuckle with delight when I saw the little girl feed her ice cream cone to her dog.
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chuckle about someone or something

 and chuckle over someone or something
to giggle about someone or something. I had to chuckle about Wally and his story about that broken-down old car. We chuckled over how angry Jed was.
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chuckle with something

 and chortle with something
to giggle in some manner because one is gleeful or happy. He chuckled with unsuppressed mirth at the antics of the strangely dressed people. Sally chortled with glee at the thought of Ken slipping on the ice.
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They recommend warming up with some gentle sniggering and chuckling before embarking on strenuous belly laughs and howling.
Try 60 minutes of ironing (160 calories), 15 minutes of chuckling (5 calories), 30 minutes giggling (16.
Stunned, I looked up to see a surreal collection of chuckling faces as I lay gasping for breath, wondering who had lashed out at me and why.
Readers leaving messages about chuckling when they read the editorial page alerted the paper's staff to the gaffe.
With worried parents looking on from the side, I would begin chuckling as I neared the goalie and say in an awed voice, "Tony, what an awesome save.
The six-year-old's brain had always sent the wrong messages to his vocal chords so instead of chuckling or giggling he shrieked and screamed.
NO wonder there's a lot of chuckling going on among this lot .
Chuckling (he was always chuckling), 'I remember you singing on your wedding day
WATCH YOUR BACK is a crime thriller that will have readers chuckling out loud.
When we had first been watching this guy, we were chuckling a little - Elvis with a good-looking woman out in the valley fog in the middle of the night.
I'm not really as bad as they make me out to be,'' he says, chuckling, but then he reflects.