chuck away

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chuck away

1. To dispose of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chuck" and "away." I need to chuck away these old clothes that haven't fit me in years. Please chuck away all those papers on the floor.
2. To push someone or something out of the way. A noun or pronoun can be used between "chuck" and "away." The policeman chucked me away as he ran after the robber. I had to chuck away all of those booklets because they needed to use the table.
See also: away, chuck

chuck someone or something away

to push or shove someone or something out of the way quickly or roughly. She chucked the children away and ran to lock the door to protect them. He chucked away his clothes in a drawer. The rock star approached, and the guard chucked the teenagers away.
See also: away, chuck

chuck something away

to throw something away; to dispose of something. Would you please just chuck this garbage bag away? I don't want to chuck away any paper that's been used on only one side.
See also: away, chuck
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A week after chucking away a 2-0 lead to lose at Berwick, City survived several scares when two up before sealing the points near the end.
ALVARO QUIROS won the Rocco Forte Open after recovering from chucking away a seven-shot lead to triumph in a play-off.
It gives me something to do" Hollywood veteran Shirley MacLaine, 81, on what she looks for in a lover "We are chucking away food on a crazy scale.
And in this astonishing documentary, he shines the spotlight on just how much we Brits are chucking away.
The bet was up after an hour - and online I advised cashing out - but it was beaten by Ross County and then Brighton chucking away two-goal leads.
Tesco was hardly likely to miss what it was chucking away anyway.
com warns: "Many people across the UK are effectively binning a bundle of crisp PS50 notes as they're chucking away their CPP letters.
The EU is good at chucking away money as if it''s going out of fashion but I do not begrudge a penny of the PS42,300 award to this brave school girl.
His frustrated head coach Andy Flower, and Notts team-mate Graeme Swann had earlier described him as an "idiot" for almost chucking away his England career.
France 34 Scotland 21 FURIOUS Andy Robinson accused his Scotland side of chucking away their Six Nations opener in Paris.
Arsenal know only too well the pain of chucking away easy matches following three home defeats and crucial dropped points at ten-man Wigan last week.
The Dragons are still chucking away hard-earned leads, the Cardiff Blues cannot deliver on the hype, the Scarlets can still run their way down an escape route, and the Ospreys flex muscles the rest can only dream about.
Considering the reports in the press about people being prosecuted for chucking away an apple core, none of the litter droppers seemed troubled by the presence of the police tooling about on beach buggies.
Wright, who has never made the play-offs, looks to be wobbling at just the wrong time after chucking away a 5-1 lead against Michael van Gerwen to draw on Merseyside.
And the Eagles, despite chucking away a lead at the Hawthorns, should have enough to see off the bungling Black Cats.